FTX exchange gets hacked

SBF FTX crypto exchange

According to Nansen, $659 million has been taken out of wallets connected to FTX and FTX US in the last 24 hours.

cryptocurrency exchange that has shut down According to reports, FTX over the weekend had a number of fraudulent transactions, leading to various cautions from users and analysts against using its mobile application or website.

On November 11, wallets connected to FTX had outflows totaling over $266.3 million, according to analytics company Nansen. A separate American company called FTX US apparently had $73.4 million stolen from them.

On November 12, FTX US general counsel Ryne Miller acknowledged that the transactions had been unlawful and that, as a precaution, FTX US had put all of its crypto assets into cold storage.

According to a blog post published by the blockchain forensics company Elliptic, the drain has resulted in the removal of a number of tokens from Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Avalanche.

However, they said that of the $663 million withdrawn, $477 million is thought to have been stolen, and the remaining money is thought to have been transferred by FTX to secure storage.

The exchange was compromised, according to the administrator of the FTX Telegram group, who also advised users not to use the FTX website due to possible security flaws.

Community manager Rey advised residents not to visit the ftx website because it might download Trojans.

FTX Telegram account message to users about exchange getting hacked: Source FTX Telegram

Twitter users claimed that FTX customers were receiving SMS messages and emails urging them to log into the app and website, which have since been infected with a Trojan, as the company’s meltdown and apparent security breach were reported in almost real-time.

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