Hugo Boss partners with the NFT collection, Imaginary Ones, to launch a “360-degree metaverse experience”

Imaginary Ones NFT x Hugo

Hugo, the youthful division of Hugo Boss, announced that it would collaborate with the imaginative NFT project Imaginary Ones to bring its clothing into the metaverse.

Imaginary Ones original NFTs are a collection of 8,888 animated characters with a floor price of 0.73 ETH ($980), at the writing time.

Hugo revealed on Tuesday that it will launch a “holistic, 360-degree metaverse experience” as part of a “global refresh” of its brand.

Embrace Your Emotions will be the title of the NFT collection, which debuts in early November and consists of 1,001 three-dimensional animations (EYE).

Imaginary Ones explained the NFT collection’s purpose in a press release,

“The aim of the collection is to encourage everyone to connect with their emotions, and to share a message that all feelings – positive and negative – are valid and should be embraced, as the freedom to feel and express can significantly improve mental health and overall well-being.”

The money will go to the organization Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM).

Although it’s not immediately clear what a “360-degree” metaverse experience entails, the brand announced that customers who buy a limited-edition “phygital” t-shirt will be placed on an allowlist for 500 spots.

Each t-shirt will have a QR code that, when scanned, will take users to a Snapchat lens that will produce a unique augmented reality effect.

The Imaginary Ones staking ecosystem will be available to NFT holders, giving them access to a unique selection of Hugo x IO goods, experiences, and content, including digital wearables.


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