Mastercard lets users customize their debit cards with NFT images

hi launches world’s first NFT Customizable Card with Mastercard

hi, which describes itself as a financial app that supports fiat and cryptocurrencies, and the credit card industry giant Mastercard, have partnered.

As a result of this collaboration, owners of games like CryptoPunks, Moonbirds, and Bored Apes NFTs will be able to have the image of their favorite character imprinted on the plastic inside their pockets.

Furthermore, NFT debit cards are only offered to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members of hi’s total of six membership tiers.

As of the time of writing, staking 100,000 hI tokens would require locking up about $5,000. Commenting on the partnership, co-founder of hi, Sean Rach, said:

“Not only do the NFT cards look amazing, this is a great way for people to show which online community they belong to, but in the real world.”

The cards aim to combine fiat and cryptocurrency payments while also providing cashback on purchases, free subscriptions to lifestyle services, and benefits for traveling.

Christian Rau, senior vice president of Mastercard’s fintech and cryptocurrency enablement division, added:

“As consumer interest in crypto and NFTs continues to grow, we are committed to making them an accessible payments choice for the communities who wish to use them. We are proud to be working with hi to continue to drive innovation in the market and enable these customizable cards together with the safety and security you’d expect from Mastercard.”

In addition, hi cards are available in the UK and throughout Europe, and only a few NFT collections are supported. Before a card can be personalized, owners must confirm that they actually own a collectible.


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