Marvel Studios Founder Compares Web3 to Early Marvel Days in Creative Terms

Web3 and Early Marvel Days Share Same Creative Energy, Says Marvel Studios Founder

David Maisel, the visionary behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently spoke at the Consensus 2023 festival in Austin, Texas, about how the early days of Marvel Studios remind him of the early days of Web3.

Maisel, who recently launched Mythos Studios, which created the Ekos Genesis Art Collection, believes that art can cut through the noise and distractions of our modern lives and create a visual identity and primal feeling for something new.

The Ekos Genesis Art Collection features original art from late comic book artist Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, who are known for their work across Marvel and DC comics.

While the NFT market has experienced turbulence in recent months, Maisel believes that the value of art extends beyond its price and hopes that his project will demonstrate the possibilities and confidence he has in the Web3 space.

Part of the joy of Web3 and digital art is the ability for it to be shared, Maisel says. He wants to share the art and the possibilities around it with others, allowing it to be experienced beyond the confines of a museum or someone’s home.

Maisel’s passion for Web3 stems from the same seed that drove him to create Marvel Studios. He believes that with so much noise and distractions in our lives, there needs to be something that can cut through the noise and create a visual identity and primal feeling.

Art has the ability to do just that, and Maisel hopes that the Ekos Genesis Art Collection will demonstrate that.


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