Reddit Plans to Reward Users for Popular Posts

Reddit has announced a new initiative to pay its top contributors for popular posts

Reddit has announced a new initiative to pay its top contributors for popular posts, marking a significant change for the platform.

This move comes after a backlash in June when parts of Reddit were inaccessible due to protests against senior management decisions.

While most groups have returned to the platform, some notable absences remain, such as the subreddit dedicated to transcribing images for visually impaired individuals.

The payment system revolves around Reddit’s “gold” awards, which users can give to posts or comments they particularly like.

These gold awards will now have real-world value, ranging in price from $1.99 to $49. Users who receive these awards will earn up to half of the award’s value. In the past, giving gold awards had no real-world value, and the fee went toward platform maintenance.

The reaction to this announcement has been mixed on the platform, with some users expressing concerns that it might negatively impact the quality of content on Reddit.

However, others view it as a way to reward valuable contributors and incentivize creators to continue their efforts.

Social media expert Matt Navarra believes that rewarding top creators is essential to maintaining platform engagement.

However, he cautions that incentivizing users with real money could lead to more divisive and controversial content becoming popular, potentially affecting the user experience and brand safety.


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