The Shiba Inu breed is making preparations for the debut of SHIB Eternity, a blockchain-based collectible card game that can be played for free on mobile devices.

The game has distinctive Shiboshis, which are an in-game money that players gain by winning matches. The implementation of SHIB Eternity on the blockchain has the ability to enhance the number of transactions within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which could result in substantial reductions of SHIB tokens.

SHIB Eternity incorporates a significant aspect known as TREAT tokens, which will fulfill the same purpose as Kibbles in the mobile edition. These tokens enable players to engage in in-game transactions, enhancements, and personalizations.

In addition, the game will increase the functionality of BONE, another Shiba Inu token. BONE, which is now employed as a means of payment for gas fees on the Shibarium network, will also be applicable for conducting transactions within SHIB Eternity. This includes the ability to make purchases for upgrades and modifications for Shiboshis.

In order to participate in the blockchain version of the game, players must possess or lease the authentic NFT Shiboshi.

Developers have provided indications that the implementation of blockchain technology could result in a notable surge in transaction capacity within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, which in turn may lead to substantial reductions in the supply of SHIB tokens.

Just 2 weeks ago, the Shiba Inu team has issued a cautionary notice on the increasing instances of fraudulent activities specifically aimed at the Shibarium platform.