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Adademon, a Play-to-earn Immersive MetaVerse Platform, Announces Its Private Seed Sale

Adademon, a Play-to-earn Immersive MetaVerse Platform, Announces Its Private Seed Sale

Adademon, the first of its kind play-to-earn immersive MetaVerse-based ecosystem built on the Cardano blockchain, has announced its private seed sale for early investors.

The ecosystem themed on the Greek Underworld has paved a new path in the blockchain industry as players can start as estranged spirits to battle monsters within the fields in the search for a route to escape the underworld.

According to the Project Manager, Anjit Khan, Adademon offers the advantages of real ownership, digital scarcity, commercialization, and accessibility to crypto and non-crypto game enthusiasts to incorporate blockchain into mainstream gaming.

The underworld represents an economy with players as the owners. Besides this, the platform offers users opportunities to sell, trade, and own resources acquired through gaming and participation within the ecosystem. However, players must complete different tasks and defeat bosses and other players to advance through the game stages.

The manager expounds on the relevance of the platform. He said, “By creating a vast, engaging, and participatory MetaVerse, Adademon succeeds in bringing together fantasy gamers, NFT enthusiasts, and myth fans.” Within the game, players must compete with one another to acquire top precious resources or positions.

The $AGONY Tokenomics

The Adademon platform will use the $AGONY token. Staking the $AGONY token offers several benefits to holders, including making and voting on new ideas. In addition, it is the token used for governance within the Adademon platform.

$AGONY is the utility token used to measure a game’s value within the platform. It can also be traded and transferred between several service chain and bridge chain participants.

Currently, the platform has unveiled its private sale. Investors can purchase the $AGONY token on the Adademon website. The total supply available is 5,000,000,000 $AGONY. The minimum purchase is 300 ADA, whereas its maximum purchase is 35,000 ADA.

The token’s purchase allows investors to participate in the platform’s governance and get rewards. Notably, only users who have submitted ideas with comments, reviews, and votes are eligible to receive any governance incentives.

About Adademon

ADA Demon is the first in-depth, play-to-earn immersive MetaVerse-based ecosystem on the Cardano Blockchain. The Greek Underworld serves as the inspiration for this ecosystem. This Virtual-Underworld endeavors to realize a premise that has never before been attempted in the blockchain’s whole existence.

The success of ADA Demon can be attributed to the fact that it successfully merges gamers, myth fans, and NFT enthusiasts into a single vast, entertaining, and participatory MetaVerse where sorcery, adventure, and peril run uncontrolled.

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