As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, investors are scrambling to get in on the action before it’s too late. The latest presale mania has been linked to BitBot that has raised security concerns and Chainlink facing uncertainties of price drop. But as the dust settles, investors are left wondering what’s next and how they can get in on the action before it’s too late. 

 Meanwhile MoonBag crypto, a new meme coin, is rattling the foundations of the crypto market with its heated presale. MoonBag is currently on its 5th presale stage and has already raised over $2million. This shows investors interest and confidence in this amazing meme coin.  Recently, analysts predicted MoonBag crypto to hit $0.25 by November 2024 as more investors flocked to the presale. But what makes MoonBag unique? Is it staking – perhaps the most unique one that allows users to get up to 88% APY? Or is it its unique liquidity plan, which was put into place to avoid volatility? One thing is certain – the window of opportunity is closing fast, and investors who don’t act now may miss out on the chance to make a fortune.

Whales Flock to Chainlink as Price Skyrockets, But Can it Last?

Many investors have been wondering what could have possibly triggered a 24-hour 21% surge in Chainlink’s (LINK) value. However, the asset’s price remains low after a drop in April, and the market cap has not yet recovered. Data from Santiment shows that whales, or investors holding over 1 million LINK, are increasing their addresses, but this may not be a sustainable trend. 

The number of whales has reached a 6-month high and social dominance has also surged. Despite Chainlink’s recent surge, concerns linger about its fragile market cap and volatile price swings, which indicates that the price of the coin may drop greatly in the near future even with the recent achievements.

Bitbot’s Ambitious Roadmap Leaves Investors Wondering if Project Can Deliver on Promises

Bitbot, which claims to be a revolutionary trading bot, has been under controversy. However, the idea behind the project failed to achieve its objective due to a number of regulatory concerns; a number of countries categorized the project as a security instead of a cryptocurrency. Moreover, its lack of transparency and unclear leadership structure have raised concerns among investors. With many users reporting lost funds and unfulfilled promises, Bitbot’s reputation is in distress, leaving investors questioning the coin’s future prospects.

MoonBag Crypto Promises Huge Returns: 88% APY Staking and No Taxation

As per MoonBag Monkey, you will be able to earn much more money from your cryptos this year. MoonBag coins in its current stage of presale are only $0.0002 which will guarantee enormous profits during listing at a fixed price of $ 0.003. The MoonBag presale staking feature means that investors will be able to stake their coins before the launch and get more MBAG coins with 88% APY, which has never been seen in history.

Additionally, MoonBag has a robust liquidity plan. In order not to be forced to reduce its prices due to scarcity of supplies in the early stages of its operations, MoonBag has set $3. 5 million in liquidity to be gradually introduced. This approach assists in creating an anchor as the future trading and prices are determined.

How to Buy MBAG Coins?

Buying MoonBag coins is quite easy. Follow these four simple steps to be part of the revolutionary presale.

  • Visit the MoonBag Site
  • Start by setting up a Metamask or Trust Wallet.
  • Load it up with your preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Buy your MBAG coins and start staking for instant rewards.

MoonBag Referral

In order to promote its platform and encourage more users and members in the community, MoonBag Crypto has introduced a referral system. Rewards for users can be given through referrals of friends and family. MoonBag Crypto also has a referral program where you get 10% extra $MBAG coins to your referrals if they use your unique code.  


With investors always on the lookout for the next big thing, people are leaving BitBot and Chainlink to invest in MoonBag; a meme coin with staking and no tax. Its 88% APY and well-developed liquidity plan make MoonBag a powerful player in the market when it goes live. Join the MoonBag presale now and secure a chance to attain a fortune.

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