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Announcement of a major update to Force Marketplace from Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force

Announcement of a major update to Force Marketplace from Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force

New Delhi, India, March 18th, 2024

CEO of Meta Force Lado Okhotnikov Presented the Largest Update to Force Marketplace

Chainlink for automatic calculation of current exchange rates and minimum NFT prices has been integrated; the marketplace design has been updated, new search, sorting, and reputation display functions have been added.

Lado Okhotnikov carried out a full-scale update of the Force Marketplace. The significantly modernized trading platform now works even faster and more stable.

The Marketplace gives newbies access to trading NFT collections. As development progresses, participants will also have the opportunity to add any other NFT collections across different networks, with the ability to create unique tokens directly on the marketplace.

The following improvements have been made:

  • A single internal balance is connected in all Meta Force services.
  • Integration of Chainlink into contracts to calculate exchange rates and minimum prices.
  • Display of historical and current prices in DAI.
  • Search for NFTs at the lowest price.

In addition to the existing functionality, a history of price changes will be introduced into the system, as well as integration with external services. Among other things, there will be a display of the Royalty rating, sorting NFTs according to various criteria, page navigation, buttons for quickly copying addresses and many other useful things.

In addition to optimizing the speed of the system, Meta Force CEO Lado Okhotnikov added, “First of all, the user experience has improved – we have made the marketplace more convenient and intuitive. In addition, modernization has helped us compete more successfully in the market. Finally, technology is advancing rapidly, so regular updates are critical to staying at the forefront of VR and meeting growing user expectations.”

The company launched the trading platform in November 2023. Since then, users have had time to appreciate new opportunities for buying and selling NFTs. Hundreds of auctions have already been held using the unique financial instruments of the Meta Force ecosystem.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is an innovative global Web3 platform with a decentralized structure, built on the Polygon blockchain. It combines cryptocurrencies and virtual reality. All users are full participants in the ecosystem, and their interaction is regulated by smart contracts. This is a large-scale community of like-minded people, where everyone receives knowledge on how to effectively use the new opportunities of the metaverse.


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