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As AAVE and Cosmos Deal with Losses, MoonBag Coin Steps Up to Breathe a New Life in the Crypto World

As AAVE and Cosmos Deal with Losses, MoonBag Coin Steps Up to Breathe a New Life in the Crypto World

Are you scared of the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies? However, market volatility can be tackled by investing in cryptos intelligently. If you were disappointed by the performance of AAVE and Cosmos, then instead of giving up, it’s better to give an exciting new coin a chance. 

The MoonBag coin has amazed crypto experts with its performance in its presale. In just a few weeks, it started its 5th stage after raising over $1.5 million. Everyone in the crypto-verse is excited to see where MoonBag goes next. 

Let’s analyse the performance of AAVE and Cosmos and find out why investors are favouring MoonBag over the two. 

AAVE Reaches $20 Billion Market Size, but the Price Decline Continues

AAVE has been oscillating in the same range for quite some time. However, it recently crossed the $20 billion market size. The investors of AAVE expected the crypto’s price to improve after crossing such a milestone. 

However, the price of AAVE dropped by 4.93% after that, making investors consider giving up on the crypto. With MoonBag coin entering the market and offering better returns, investors have no reason to stick to AAVE. 

The Launch of Cosmos Wiki Fails to Stop ATOM’s Dip

The lack of education about the workings of cryptocurrencies often leads new investors to make poor decisions. To help people get familiar with the ecosystem, Cosmos has launched a WiKi. 

The purpose of the Cosmos. Wiki is to teach people about blockchain, dApp tools, and ATOM. Although a good step in the right direction, it failed to revive the price of Cosmos’s native coin. ATOM went on to lose 2.86% in value after the launch of the Wiki, making investors move to the MoonBag coin for better results. 

MoonBag Coin Promises High ROI and a Highly Secure Network to Become an Investor Favourite

The MoonBag crypto is not like the meme coins that only offer one or two features and ignore everything else. The project focuses on everything from building a community for meme coin enthusiasts to protecting the assets of its investors. The MoonBag crypto is highly secure and plays well with other coins. The ongoing MoonBag presale has raised over $1.5 million in a record time in stage 5

The current price of the MBAG coins is $0.0002 each along with high returns, MoonBag investors will also get to enjoy staking rewards and an APY of 88%. Investors can start staking their coins during the presale and claim their rewards once MoonBag has its official launch. Out of the funds raised during the presale, 20% will be set aside for liquidity and used for buyback and burn events. 

Buy MBAG Coins to Get Referral Rewards

MoonBag has an amazing referral programme that you can take part in by buying MBAG coins. You can head on to MoonBag’s website to purchase your MBAG coins and receive your referral code. The more people use your code, the higher the number of rewards you will get. With each use of your code, 10% extra MBAG coins will be added to your wallet. 

Conclusion – MoonBag Coin for Wealth Through Crypto

Finding a crypto project without a flaw is not that simple, especially if you are new to the world of digital finance. However, over time, you can learn to figure out which crypto is worth your money and which isn’t. With AAVE and Cosmos struggling to rise in charts, MoonBag coin has emerged as the best option for investors. You can also join the MoonBag ride by buying your MBAG coins today!

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