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Avocado reveals its goal to create a Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT solution that is all-in-one

Avocado reveals its goal to create a Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT solution that is all-in-one

Avocado, a new cryptocurrency platform, is poised to disrupt the crypto sector by combining NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain into a single system. Avocado aims to solve problems in the crypto world by addressing the issue of having to use four distinct platforms to acquire, swap, use a new token, and store the NFT. “The blockchain, NFT, and crypto sector should be open to everyone,” says the project leader. When accomplishing all of these things with this technology, there should be no problems.”

It has built an official NFT collection with over 10,000 different NFTs to ensure it gives a solution to this problem. Users with the NFT collection have VIP access to all Avocado events and parties. It also permits holders to enjoy special discounts and be whitelisted in the company’s official NFTs.

It is also providing a live NFT marketplace where investors, makers, and holders may mint and sell their NFTs, rather than just selling them. For the community, the Marketplace is set up with security and authenticity in mind.

Apart from that, the AVO Farm Game is another way for anyone to win rewards. Investors and token holders can use their NFT to purchase products at the Avocado Store by planting a seed. It’s worth noting that it allows holders to earn more NFTs and tokens as their farms grow. This will compensate them for the time and effort they put into the game.

The chief marketing officer stressed in his statement how MetaVerse land will be included in the project. “We’re buying MetaVerse territory through Sandbox and Decentraland because we’re always looking towards the future.” The Avocado Clubhouse will be built on that area so that everyone in our community may come together, talk, share ideas, and relax.”

It will also give a direct platform that will make exchanging easier. Investors will be able to exchange tokens without the use of a centralized intermediary thanks to the AVOSwap. It will be the official decentralized exchange for trading AVO with other cryptocurrencies.

Token distribution and offerings

According to the team, there will be 100,000,000,000 AVO available, with 40% going to the community and 25% going to the environment. In addition, 10% will be set aside for the team, while 25% will be burned. The Binance Smart Chain is used to create the Avocado token.

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