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BlockDAG’s 1000% Rally from Tokyo Sky to Lunar Surface Outpaces Rivals Like Ethereum Classic and Notcoin


BlockDAG is transforming the cryptocurrency landscape through its dynamic presence in global capitals and pioneering technologies. Its involvement in exciting happenings across Tokyo, Las Vegas, and London, along with a striking keynote on the moon, has stirred significant buzz around its innovative offerings.

While Ethereum Classic grapples with price effects from its recent halving and Notcoin’s trading volumes show impressive spikes, BlockDAG’s ongoing presale for Batch 17, initially priced at $0.011, has seen its value rocket by 1000%, accumulating $46.8 million. This remarkable growth establishes BlockDAG as a leading performer among cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum Classic: Adjusting to Its Fifth Halving

The fifth halving of Ethereum Classic (ETC) occurred on May 31, 2024, which decreased block rewards to 2.048 ETC. Historically, each halving has led to significant price shifts for ETC. 

Currently, ETC trades 80% below its peak of $158 and 20% under its annual high of $39. Despite this, it has surged over 60% since the year’s start, with expectations of hitting new market highs by July 2025.

Notcoin: Surge in Volume and Market Dynamics

Notcoin (NOT) has registered a substantial increase, exceeding the trading volumes of Solana and BNB with a 24-hour volume of $4.54 billion. Notcoin’s price topped $0.028 before adjusting to $0.021, marking a 287% rise over the past week.

Market analysts warn that Notcoin’s swift price escalation could precede a downturn, as indicated by an overbought status on the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Investors and traders are advised to stay updated on these trends for strategic decision-making.

BlockDAG’s Global Excitement and Lunar Keynote Insights

BlockDAG continues to redefine the crypto sector with its strategic initiatives and technological breakthroughs. A captivating keynote in Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, showcased BlockDAG’s offerings and roadmap alongside upcoming exchange listings, sparking broad interest. In Las Vegas, unveiling its Technical Whitepaper (DAGPaperV2) at The Sphere emphasized its enhanced DAG structure, prioritizing speed and security.

Celebrations of its presale achievements in London’s Piccadilly Circus and a new CoinMarketCap listing have positioned BlockDAG as a premier crypto investment. The momentum was sustained with a second, noteworthy keynote from the moon, spotlighting significant recognitions from Forbes and Bloomberg, the debut of the X1 app, blockchain upgrades, and comprehensive global marketing efforts.

BlockDAG is on track to launch its mainnet in August following successful mid-August Testnet results. With current presale trends, it is expected to raise $5 million daily, concluding within four months, just in time for the mainnet debut. The introduction of its low-code/no-code platform for creating meme coins and NFTs further cemented BlockDAG as a leader in blockchain innovation. 

Currently, in its 17th batch, priced at $0.011, BlockDAG has garnered $46.8 million from over 11.2 billion BDAG coins, achieving a 1000% increase from the first batch, alongside earning $3.1 million from 7,257 miners sold.

Final Thoughts

As BlockDAG gears up for its August mainnet launch, its revolutionary platform for meme coins and NFTs establishes its tech leadership. With the presale at its 17th iteration and observing a 1000% growth since inception, BlockDAG has raised $46.8 million from selling over 11.2 billion BDAG coins. 

While noteworthy developments occur with Ethereum Classic’s price and Notcoin’s volume, BlockDAG’s inventive approach and substantial presale achievements highlight its potential for delivering significant investor returns. Investors looking for promising opportunities should eye BlockDAG, which is poised to spearhead the next cryptocurrency boom.

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