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BlockDAG’s keynote 2 Takes Over The Moon: $40.8M Presale Victory; Shiba Inu Eclipses Cardano While Ethereum Champions Web3

BlockDAG and Shiba Inu Triumph, Surpassing Cardano

Shiba Inu has sprinted past Cardano to a whopping $16.9 billion market cap, securing a spot among the elite. Simultaneously, Ethereum cements its leadership in Web3, sparking excitement around potential Ethereum ETFs due to its pioneering efforts. Amid these achievements, BlockDAG stands tall with its keynote 2 release over the moon. This release unveiled the X1 mining app beta and a successful $40.8 million presale, positioning BlockDAG as a trailblazer in the blockchain world, drawing in keen investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Shiba Inu Soars Above Cardano in Market Cap

Shiba Inu has hit a significant milestone, overtaking Cardano with a market cap of $16.9 billion, rocketing into the top ten cryptocurrencies. This 16% surge distinguishes SHIB in the crypto arena, while even the famed Dogecoin has seen only modest gains, highlighting the extent of Shiba Inu’s ascent.

Despite its meteoric rise, Shiba Inu remains 66% below its peak from October 2021. Nevertheless, SHIB’s fortitude is evident, backed by a robust community; 70% of its holders remain profitable, most of whom have stayed loyal for over a year. This steadfast support underscores Shiba Inu’s resilience, continuing to outshine Cardano as the market shifts.

Ethereum Illuminates Web3’s Future, Boosts ETF Buzz

Ethereum is increasingly seen as the cornerstone for Web3’s expansion, fueling talks of forthcoming Ethereum ETFs. As Web3 is predicted to generate $33.5 billion annually by 2030, Ethereum is touted as a “high-growth index for Web3 adoption,” contrasting sharply with Bitcoin’s label as “digital gold.”

Moreover, a recent monumental $500 million staking event on Lido highlights Ethereum’s distinctive place in the crypto landscape. Ethereum validators enjoy lower costs compared to Bitcoin miners, enabling them to retain their stakes rather than sell, which may spike further interest in Ethereum ETFs. This operational edge and significant staking activity highlight Ethereum’s strong demand dynamics.

BlockDAG’s keynote 2 Unveils Major Innovations and Access Enhancements

BlockDAG is reshaping the blockchain realm with its latest keynote 2, introducing over 45 updates and reaffirming its crypto giant status. Broadcast from a lunar setup, this event showcased BlockDAG’s dedication to pushing the envelope with its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture, which supports high-speed, secure transactions across multiple channels simultaneously.

BlockDAG’s easy-to-use platform is a breakthrough in blockchain accessibility, allowing even non-techies to craft meme coins and NFTs. With user-friendly interfaces, ready-made templates, and straightforward smart contract options, it democratizes blockchain creation, igniting creative and participatory sparks across the globe.

The BDAG’s presale has been a monumental hit, garnering $40.8 million. Coins are currently priced at $0.0095. From the initial price of $0.001, this marks extraordinary growth, with 10.6 billion coins already in circulation. This demonstrates soaring investor confidence and eagerness for the network’s potential.

Moreover, the recent X1 mining app beta rollout has highlighted BlockDAG’s edge in innovation. This app introduces users to the mining process, adding a layer of interaction and potential profit for participants. As the mainnet launch nears, BlockDAG will significantly influence the future of decentralized technology.

Final Thoughts

Shiba Inu’s impressive ascent past Cardano marks its rising prominence. Meanwhile, Ethereum continues to lay a solid foundation for Web3, attracting substantial interest in Ethereum ETFs. Yet, BlockDAG truly shines with its keynote 2 and a triumphant $40.8 million presale. Currently, in its presale phase at an increasing price, BlockDAG offers an opportune investment for those seeking significant growth in the evolving crypto landscape.

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