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Brillion Smart Wallet Introduces New C-Suite to Lead in RWA & DePIN Sector of Digital Assets

Brillion Smart Wallet Introduces New C-Suite to Lead in RWA & DePIN Sector of Digital Assets

Zug, Switzerland, May 15th, 2024

Brillion, a smart wallet development company, is welcoming three new C-suite executives to its team. The new leadership will bring diverse, industry-leading expertise and strengthen Brillion’s effort to build and distribute products that integrate digital assets with traditional finance.

Nibras Stiebar-Bang will be joining Brillion as CEO after her previous experiences at Concordium, a L1 blockchain, where she oversaw all of engineering and product development as CTO and CPO. Prior to Conocrdium Nibras was at Spotify where she managed cross-functional teams. Her visionary leadership will greatly strengthen Brillion’s transformative approach and oversee every dimension of the company including innovation, product and commercial strategies, operational excellence and talent management.

“As the CEO of Brillion, I am thrilled to bring my experience from Concordium and Spotify to a team that’s paving the way for the future of Web3. At Brillion, we are committed to simplifying the transition into Web3, making it accessible and intuitive for users. Our focus on extending into RWAs, DePIN and Autonomous Agents signifies our dedication to innovation and user-centric design. Our goal is to seamlessly connect the digital world with the real world by providing billions of users with the UX standards they now expect from online financial services.”

Joining as CPO, Gantavya Sharma will build upon previous experiences at Bitstamp, Fiserv and Barclays where he led successful product launches as Head of Product for the development of banking, payments, and crypto products. His team will create and iterate over Brillion’s technology to enable the use of web3 smart wallets as a portal between digital real world assets.

“Web3, and specifically DeFi, is at a watershed moment. It is ready to go from adoption by crypto enthusiasts and traders to global mass adoption. Self-sovereign identity, real world asset tokenization and machine economy are being looked at seriously by all industries across the world. I believe that the inherent benefits of blockchain technology will lead to a more equitable, trustworthy and sovereign future. Our vision is for Brillion to be the platform that allows our partners to develop experiences that shape this future and the Brillion wallet to be the space for our users to discover and participate in this future.”

Sunny Sian will be joining Brillion as CMO, bringing experiences from Polkadot and ConsenSys where he worked on multiple Web3 products and services such as MetaMask, Infura, Diligence, and Linea. At Brillion, Sunny will be responsible for overseeing the marketing initiatives and strategies that drive growth and enhance brand engagement.

“Web3 Wallets are here to stay, but they often feel unnecessarily complex, almost to a fault. With the rise of smart wallets and this category’s exciting use cases coupled with improved automation, security and UX, we should embrace these innovations alongside today’s behavioral patterns. At Brillion, ultimately we aim to provide new and existing participants an enhanced safe crossing between the Web2 and Web3 chasm, allowing access to modern finance without barriers.” 

Brillion Board members, Rachid Ajaja and Matthjis De Vries have shared their outlook on the addition of new executives to the team and the company’s overall vision: 

“We’d like to share an enthusiastic and warm welcome to our new team members Nibras, Gantavya, and Sunny. We’re confident that under their leadership Brillion will bring the next billion users to web3 by bridging the gap between its digital and real world applications. This expansion reflects our commitment to excellence and leadership in our industry.”

As Nibras, Gantavya, and Sunny start their journey at Brillion, they will lead the company into an underserved market for web3 utilities and services. Brillion’s new leadership will focus on creating smart wallet technology that brings digital assets closer to real world use cases in terms of security, compliance, ease of use, and integration with existing banking services. 

The wallet is part of a larger ecosystem of web3 applications based on Nexera’s proposed ERC7208. The EIP creates a standard for the development of important web3 use cases such as smart wallets and the tokenization of real world assets.

About Brillion

Brillion is a smart wallet designed for the seamless adoption and management of digital assets. The all in one solution connects directly to your bank account, enabling simple onboarding to crypto and emerging asset classes like Real World Assets (RWAs). With innovative features like KYC and biometric transaction signing, Brillion removes the complexity of daily wallet management while retaining security, allowing you to focus on your investments. Explore the world of digital assets and RWAs at your fingertips with Brillion.


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