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Condo Launches on Base Chain: World’s First RWA Meme Token with Innovative Treasury Strategy

World’s First RWA Meme Token with Innovative Treasury Strategy

New York, USA, April 16th, 2024

Condo, the world’s first real-world asset (RWA) meme token, was recently launched on the Base chain, marking a significant shift in the meme token landscape. Condo integrates real-world asset investments through an actively managed treasury, setting itself apart from conventional meme tokens focused solely on social media trends.

Inspired by Nathan, the visionary leader behind Ondo Finance and the groundbreaking Ondo-Blackrock partnership, the meme token positions Nathan as the official ginger mascot of crypto, symbolizing innovation within the industry.

Condo implements a 3% transaction tax on all purchases and sales. These funds are directed towards a community-driven treasury specifically designed to invest in leading RWA projects. Condo DAO employs a uniquely positioned treasury strategy (currently holding $105,000 after only 11 days since launch) that will actively invest in DeFi/Real World Asset protocols—their existing products and infrastructure to help actualize this vision of newly imagined—Modern capital markets on-chain. Examples include the Ondo US Dollar Yield Token (USDY) and lending pools offered by Maple Finance. This strategy fosters the growth of innovative RWA projects while simultaneously generating passive income for the Condo treasury.

“Condo signifies the evolution of meme tokens into a powerful force driving real-world asset investments. Our innovative treasury strategy aims to revolutionize the meme token landscape and contribute meaningfully to the future of finance,” stated the Condo founder.

Unlike traditional meme tokens reliant on speculative trading, Condo prioritizes the strategic allocation of its treasury towards RWA investments. Condo’s team aims with this approach to sustain growth and stability for the token. The proactive investment strategy not only strengthens the intrinsic value of Condo but also fuels the development of groundbreaking RWA projects, fostering long-term sustainability and community prosperity.

At its core, Condo functions as an incubator, nurturing the development and expansion of pioneering RWA projects. The treasury’s investments are aimed at propelling Condo’s growth, with hopes to reach tens of millions of dollars and establish strategic partnerships with leading RWA initiatives.

Condo operates on the Base chain with a total supply of 10 billion tokens. Here’s a breakdown of the token distribution:

  • 90% Circulating Supply
  • 5% Airdrop for RWA community projects
  • 2% Allocated for CEX Listings
  • 2% Dedicated to Marketing
  • 1% Designated for Development
  • 0% Allocated to Team Tokens

Condo boasts a seasoned team of developers committed to realizing a suite of products inspired by the collective vision of the Condo community. The team comprises:

  • Fund managers with expertise in RWAs
  • Early adopters and liquidity providers in the RWA space
  • Talented developers with a proven track record in leading RWA projects and meme tokens
  • Skilled graphic designers
  • A seasoned marketing expert who played a key role in the early success of Floki and Luna
  • A qualified lawyer ensuring legal compliance

“Condo strategically selected the Base chain due to its mission to onboard millions of users to web3 with economical transaction fees (below a penny),” Meka Hero the Condo founder added. “This cost-effective approach aligns perfectly with Condo’s goal of democratizing access to RWA investments.”

Condo is available for purchase on Uniswap on the Base chain.

About Condo: 

Condo, the world’s first real-world asset (RWA) meme token, recently launched on the Base chain, ushering in a new era of meme token innovation. With a 3% transaction tax, Condo funds a treasury for investing in RWAs. Led by a seasoned team, Condo aims to democratize RWA investment access, leveraging Base chain’s low transaction fees.

Users can find more information and join the Condo community by visiting

Users can stay updated on the latest developments and connect with the vibrant Condo community by following Condo on Twitter or Telegram.


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