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$DED Game Sparks Flames in Polkadot Ecosystem

Polkadot-backed community coin – $DED

Lisbon, Portugal, March 4th, 2024

Polkadot-backed community coin – $DED – has made headlines recently with its nearly $1m marketing budget and drop of the biggest Zealy campaign to grace the Polkadot ecosystem. Now community members have come together to release the DED game.

Created by Unique Network, a parachain on Polkadot, the DED Game is a brick-breaker game in which players take on the role of a miner bird known as DEDbird, propelling themselves through a maze of blocks and boosters while unravelling puzzles hidden within.

$DED continues to break barriers as 100,000 DEDMINE NFT badges were minted in the first 5 days after release, and it seems to be contributing greatly to the resurrection of the Polkadot ecosystem. Large crypto personalities have also given their two cents, YouTuber DataDash noted in part of his latest video that this could “put Polkadot back in center stage”, with others such as AshCrypto, DubzyXBT and CyrilXBT putting their hat into the ring.

The DED Game presents itself as a simple brick-breaker game, where players play as the DEDbird, mining way to receive logo fragments, belonging to prominent Polkadot projects.

Each level presents a unique challenge to conquer, bringing you closer to unlocking the full potential of the Polkadot ecosystem. As users navigate through the game, they gather these puzzle pieces and seize boosters along the way. 

After the journey, users can flaunt their achievements by sharing their scores on social media and comparing their survival skills with fellow players to see who reigns supreme. Showcasing other projects on the ecosystem provides an interesting, gamified way for people to familiarize themselves with Polkadot and what it has to offer, and allows the community to engage with protocols they otherwise might have overlooked.

The game is free to play over on the DED Games website

The anticipation around $DED springs from its community-driven goal to fairly distribute the token among $DOT holders. For the community, by the community. Over 11,000 users await the airdrop in $DED Telegram and many conversations are sparked around the launch which is looking to give the Polkdadot Ecosystem a new life. Holding $DOT on the Polkadot chain is the only requirement for airdrop eligibility. $DOT Holders can take part in the launch, and the more $DOT one holds, the more $DED you are airdropped!

$DED is making an impact in a big way through the Polkadot ecosystem, not only as a vehicle to drive new life and liquidity into the ecosystem, a key pillar to bring the community together, as the community is avidly engaging in cracking jokes and memes for the second coming of the $DOT ecosystem, showing that the ecosystem is long away from being DED. 

The equitable distribution and community-centered approach are making users eager for the the drop as sentiment around the project snowballs, and many key organisations are buying into the act.

For the latest updates and community activity Join the $DED Telegram channel and follow them on Twitter/X


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