Are you feeling overwhelmed by the immense choices of coins in the best crypto presale in 2024? Then rest assured because you are not alone. In fact, with so many new crypto projects being released every other day, some of which include MoonBag, BitBot, and AAVE, investors find it a great deal of labour to pluck out the best coin amongst thousands of coins that can change their financial fate for the better. 

Fortunately, the MoonBag crypto has been the most promising coin in the best meme coin presale this year. With so many new investors intrigued by its newcomer perks, such as entry to exclusive events, awesome airdrops, and more, the MoonBag coin generated more than 2,000,000 USD in a short period of time, making people convinced that it might be the same or perhaps even a better alternative to Pepecoin. 

BitBot Reaches the End of the Line  

Now, new investors might wonder why the rest of the coins are not experiencing the same level of success as MoonBag. The answer can be simply that MoonBag is just better. Another thing to consider is how they lack in their own abilities. BitBot, for example, had a lot of hopes riding on it during its presale. Unfortunately, the coin was simply not able to live up to its fame. 

BitBot has been lacking in its potential to provide its community with an attractive reward system. As a result, its community has always been a bit unsatisfied with BitBot. And with current predictions about MoonBag reaching $1 reach, after coinbase rumours intensify. Investors have made the decision to move away from BitBot and invest in MoonBag instead. 

AAVE Becomes a Community Warzone

Another wonderful coin that has been falling short of the competition in the best crypto presale in June 2024 is AAVE. Similar to Dogeverse, the major reason for AVVE’s downfall is related to its community—but with a slight twist. 

Ever since AAVE handed over its admin keys to its community, it began a series of voting wars that continue to this day. A large chunk of the war centred around proposal votes that were tilted in certain AAVE holders’ favour. Since those results ended up being controversial, they led to major governance issues within AAVE. 

MoonBag Strives for Perfection in the Best Crypto Presale in June 2024 

One of the major reasons why MoonBag crypto has been gaining a positive reputation in the best crypto presale in June 2024 has a lot to do with the intention of the coin. MoonBag was made to find an innovative way to deal with the current challenges crypto is facing in the meme coin presale. 

For example, it has successfully countered the common liquidity issues found in all meme coins. Through its effective strategy to feed its liquidity wallet with 20% presale funds daily, it is able to promise a balanced pace for liquidity tokens while simultaneously creating a firm base for trading. Moreover, the liquidity gets locked after the presale launch to protect their investors money – and their trust – till the end. 

Staking in MoonBag Presale 

With an 88% APY, MoonBag coins’ staking rate has shown to be pretty optimal. Once their acquired $MBAG coins have been staked, investors can simply lock them and wait to see how much money pours into their bags during the MoonBag presale. 


After assessing all the coins, it would make sense to assume that not only does MoonBag offer awesome gains to its investors, but it also prioritises their trust. Unlike BitBot and AAVE, which are struggling through the conflicts of their community during the best crypto presale in June 2024, MoonBag has remained resilient in ensuring that their customers are satisfied. In fact, they are being offered significant benefits like 15,000% ROI, zero tax policies, contracts getting renounced, and so much more that investors cannot help but be pleased and satisfied by all that the MoonBag presale has to offer.

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