With the launch of the latest meme coin, MoonBag (MBAG), the crypto world has gone into a complete frenzy. MoonBag has completely taken over the crypto meme world as the coin sends new waves of excitement over industry enthusiasts with incredible offers. Currently in presale stage 5, MBAG coins offer 88% APY with MoonBag staking. This offer is among the many benefits presale users get with MoonBag crypto, confirming it to be among the best meme coin presales.

With MoonBag’s rise comes the downfall of coins like Bitbot and Near Protocol, as they face tricky times on the global market. MoonBag is anticipated to reach $0.25 by November 2024, with investors flocking to the monkey-themed coin over Bitbot and Near Protocol. 

Critical Stage Approaches NEAR 

After a significant decline and suffering extreme losses over the past few months, Near Protocol has been working to improve investor and user experience after serious backlash. The coin has been at a critical stage as investors are actively seeking alternate coins to pool their investments into as NEAR has only been giving a disappointing performance. 

With questions raised about NEAR’s future in the market, the markers are working overtime to ensure investors are not losing hope in the coin’s progress altogether by fixing cyber threats and fighting over competitor growth. 

Bitbot Unable to Reassure Investors 

After finishing its presale with a final raised amount of $4.3M within a 15-stage presale process, Bitbot has had a surge of negative feedback pertaining to its performance. After gaining popularity for becoming the first non-custodial Telegram trading bot, Bitbot was meant to achieve great heights as the coin held a lot of potential. However, now Bitbot has investors concerned as the coin began receiving threats and concerns regarding its security. Users are also concerned the trading landscape may cause issues in the future and are unsure if they should keep their investment with Bitbot or look to other coins instead. Due to this, Bitbot has started seeing declines as investors flock to MoonBag. 

Staking in MoonBag Presale Is Major Hit for Investors as Meme Coin Becomes Top Crypto Presale in 2024

MoonBag has effectively swayed investors to its side with MoonBag staking rewards, which lets you get an 88% APY on staking with MBAG. The staking in MoonBag presale benefit adds to the other tremendous offers like 9900% ROI for presale users and a buying rate of $0.0002 that will only increase after the presale ends.

The presale stages have already raised a staggering $2M within a significantly short period of time. Additionally, not only do you get 88% APY with MoonBag staking, but you also get one of the simplest buying experiences. Interested in buying MBAG coins? Read more to find out how.

The easiest buying process with MoonBag crypto

All you need to do to buy MBAG coins is register for an account and link your digital wallet. That’s all it takes! These two steps will give you a referral code to share with others to earn them a chance to gain 10% extra on MBAG coins. Further, it allows you a chance to win weekly rewards!

Looking ahead

With coins like Near Protocol and Bitbot seeing decline, you don’t want your investment to be in the wrong coin. Opt instead for the MoonBag coin and gain benefits like MoonBag staking rewards to get 88% APY on staking with MBAG coins. These offers won’t last forever, so take your chance to invest in the MoonBag meme coin presale today to reap the benefits and gain greater ROI! 

Learn more about MoonBag Presale:

Website: MoonBag.org

Presale: MoonBag Presale

Telegram: https://t.me/moonbag_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moonbag_org

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