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Internet Computer and Dogwifhat Fail to Keep Up With the Steady Progress of the MoonBag Coin

MoonBag coin is an unbeatable competitor for ICP and WIF!

Do you find the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain confusing but alluring simultaneously? If so, you are not the only one because many are still trying to make sense of it while benefiting from cryptocurrencies. However, it is crucial to understand that coins like Internet Computer and Dogwifhat can only take you so far before they begin to decline. So, it is better to opt for a crypto with long-term benefits. 

The MoonBag crypto has emerged as the answer to investors’ prayers, bringing with it high returns and staking rewards. As an Ethereum-based meme coin, it also boosts the most secure network, protecting investors’ assets. 

Let’s evaluate the latest ICP and WIF developments and see how MoonBag compares with the two.

Internet Computer Join Hands with Trust Wallet but Fails to Improve on the Price Charts

To promote Internet Identity, Internet Computer has partnered with Trust Wallet. As part of the partnership, Trust Wallet is holding a $100,000 ICP giveaway. Users can claim their free Internet Identity to enter the giveaway. 

Despite the network making progress, the price of its native coin has remained unaffected. After the partnership was announced, ICP lost 3.13% in value. As a result of the continuous decline, investors are turning to MoonBag after cashing out of ICP. 

Boost from Whale Activity Couldn’t Stop WIF’s Price from Falling

A crypto whale recently used $3 million worth of Solana to buy 953,177 Dogwifhat. The move shows whales’ interest in meme coins and paints a hopeful picture for the future. 

However, a single whale’s activity alone cannot push the Solana-based meme coin WIF to success. A week after the whale’s movement, WIF had declined by 3.95%, leading investors to give up on the project. 

MoonBag Coin All Set to Claim the Top Spot in the Crypto World with Its Exciting Features and High ROI Predictions

While other meme coins have been disappointing investors, it is MoonBag that has emerged as their saviour. The MoonBag coin offers features that investors expect from a top crypto project. The ongoing MoonBag presale has raised over 1.4 million USD and is expected to continue in the right direction. 20% of the funds raised during the presale will be set aside for liquidity and later used for buyback and burn events to stabilise the price of the coin. 

The MoonBag crypto also offers an APY of 88% and allows investors to start staking during the presale. You can head to MoonBag’s website to buy your MBAG coins using your Metamask or Trust Wallet and start staking immediately. 

MoonBag Referral Programme

When you buy MBAG coins, you will be given a referral code to share with others to win rewards. You will get an extra 10% MBAG coins every time someone uses your code. You can also get exciting monthly rewards if the most people use your code. Keep an eye on the monthly leaderboard on MoonBag’s website to keep track of your progress. 

Conclusion – Pick the Honest Choice

A cryptocurrency that prefers to stay honest with its investors is better than the one that tricks people by withholding information. With the MoonBag crypto, you don’t have to worry about where every penny is going since it’s all out in the open. When you cash out from ICP and WIF after the price decline, opting for a currency like the MoonBag is better. You can also join the MoonBag revolution by grabbing your MBAG coins today!

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