Do you find it difficult to decide which crypto to hold on to and which to give up on for better results? Investors have to check market trends to make the right call. With Tron and AAVE stuck in their price ranges, investors have figured out it is time to move on. However, they need a better alternative to invest in next and that’s where MoonBag comes in. 

The MoonBag crypto is offering investors the amazing opportunity to start staking during the presale and enjoy 88% APY. The Ethereum-based meme coin aims to make the dream of financial freedom a possibility for everyone. 

Let’s assess the current status of Tron and AAVE to find out why MoonBag is the best option among the three. 

TRON Transactions Surpass 7.2 Million But Investors Remain Unmoved

TRON’s total transactions reached a new annual peak by crossing 7.2 million. The increase in the total transactions reflects people’s trust in the blockchain. However, the same cannot be said about the network’s native coin. 

Even with the increase in transactions, TRON continued its price decline, losing 1.04% further in value. Due to the coin’s fluctuating prices, investors have decided to stay away from it and pick MoonBag instead for high returns. 

Aave Labs Announce AAVE V4 but the Price Remains Unaffected

While sharing plans for the network that will be implemented until 2030, Aave Labs also announced AAVE 4. The upgrade will improve the network’s scalability, capital efficiency, and risk management. 

Although the upgrade could strengthen the blockchain, the news did not affect the price of the network’s native coin. AAVE went on to decline by 4.31% after the plans for Aave’s future were announced. Due to the decline, investors are jumping ship and joining the MoonBag presale to avail of the dozens of benefits it is offering. 

MoonBag Coin Raises Over $2 Million in Record Time, Impresses Investors with 88% APY

The MoonBag presale has been in the news since it kicked off due to its steady progress and extraordinary features. So far, the MoonBag presale has raised over $2 million and is racing towards the next stage. Currently, the presale is in the 5th stage where each coin is priced at $0.0002. With price increase at every stage, the sooner people join the presale, the higher their ROI will be at the official launch. Investing in the current stage will bring 900% ROI to investors when MoonBag officially launches. 

MoonBag aims to protect the assets of its investors by setting aside 20% of the funds raised during the presale for liquidity. During the first six months after the launch of MBAG, the funds will be used for buyback and burn events. The events will increase the scarcity of MBAG coins and stabilise their price. 

Thanks to Ethereum, MoonBag comes with fortress-like security, interoperability, and smooth scaling speed with low gas fees. MoonBag also aims to build a community for meme coin enthusiasts so people can communicate with each other and form healthy connections. 

Buy MBAG and Join the Referral Programme

Do you want to join the MoonBag presale? Then set up your Metamask or Trust wallet, fill it with the crypto of your choice, and grab your MBAG coins through MoonBag’s website. Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a referral code. You can share the code with as many people as you want and every time one of them uses it, you will receive 10% extra MBAG coins. 

MoonBag Staking

As soon as you complete your purchase of MBAG coins, you can start staking. With MoonBag, you can rest assured that you will get the best staking rewards. You will also get to enjoy an APY of 88% and inch closer to your dream of attaining financial freedom. 

Conclusion – The MoonBag Effect

The majority of crypto analysts and investors consider meme coins risky investments, and that’s true for the majority of such assets. However, there’s always that one exception that proves everyone wrong. Those disappointed by Tron and AAVE have found the solution to their problems in the face of MoonBag, a new meme coin destined to become something big. If you wish to join the MoonBag presale, then you can grab your MBAG coins today to get started!

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