What do you look forward to while making an investment in a digital, decentralised system? You won’t take a chance on outdated blockchains or conservative ecosystems with no space for new updates or modifications as the trends evolve. The most recent example of this pitfall is Cosmos (ATOM), which got straight into a long-term outage after the v17 update hit its blockchain. Not long ago, Polygon (MATIC) also underwent a network outage when it’s zkEVM went dead for almost 12 hours. 

To bridge these gaps and encourage flexibility in blockchains, Qubetics (TICS) is underway to take over for its unapologetic financial innovation. Its list of VIPs, Qubetics Whitelist, is grabbing outrageous responses from individual investors as well as institutions. Unlike the previous renowned labels, Qubetics is way ahead of their tokenomics and revenue perks.

MATIC Under Critical Objections for Persistent Price Dips 

Polygon recently declined below its lowest mark, causing investors and analysts to lose interest and confidence in its market performance. Not long ago, MATIC also faced a 12-hour power outage because of a fault in the zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, putting MATIC under question for its weak scalability and reliability. 

These two mishaps added a significant amount of unrest and turbulence to the ecosystem. These consequences led to an overall market decline for Polygon, shedding impactful investors who’re now flocking towards the expected Qubetics presale. 

Cosmos Latest Outage Crises after Major v17 Upgrade 

The crypto world is currently buzzing with a storming activity after the news broke to the general public that Cosmos is facing an outage crisis. Cosmos is notably standing among some of the top crypto players of current times. An event like this has put ATOM at the forefront of speculation regarding its limited immunity against bugs or security threats like this. 

According to the Cosmos official statement, the outage occurred because of an LSM (Liquid Staking Module) bug that targeted security weaknesses. Cosmos optimists believe that this outage didn’t impact ATOM’s latest price. However, there’s still a noticeable decline in its previous value. 

All Eyes on Qubetics Whitelist for Potential Newcomer Benefits 

Qubetics Whitelist is catching all the limelight and support from individual investors and enterprises that are looking for ultra-futuristic features. Qubetics is fully equipped with light-fast transactions, fortress-like security backup, scalability elements, and adaptability towards new trends. 

Qubetics is an outstanding tokenized exchange, aiming to take crypto beyond the loops of buys, sells, and price crises. TICS is the key to driving you across this revolutionary wave powered by Qubetics. If you want to do something or participate in its ecosystem, join the whitelist now and experience how millionaires are mentored here. 

New Crypto Players are Potential Revenue Generators 

Investors and crypto specialists are always looking out for potential new cryptos, where a small amount means a large stake with huge returns. They buy crypto ICOs in advance to make higher profits when presale or launch hit the ground. Currently, their top favourite to play this bet on is Qubetics Whitelist, where they’re waiting anxiously to double their assets. 

Final Thoughts: 

Qubetics is the next-generation crypto reformer because of its high-tech blockchain system and outclass services. Currently, it is taking swift flights in its whitelist stage to rock its position among the best crypto presales in 2024. If you’re fired up by price manipulations and security lags on Cosmos and Polygon platforms, Qubetics is the cool summer that you’ve always dreamed of for your biggest investment. 

Join Qubetics Whitelist Today:

Whitelist: Qubetics.com 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qubetics 

Telegram: https://t.me/qubetics 

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