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Investors Rally Behind MoonBag, the Top Crypto Presale in 2024, Cashing Out of Notcoin and Shiba Inu

MoonBag, the top crypto presale in 2024, crushes NOT, SHIB!

Do you know what the success of a crypto investor depends on? They can make decisions quickly based on the market condition. As investors begin to cash out of Notcoin and Shiba Inu, crypto beginners can follow suit and pick a better alternative for financial freedom. With a promising new meme coin entering the market with the power to bring a revolution, economic freedom is pretty close for investors. 

The MoonBag coin is a revolutionary meme coin that is set to change the way cryptocurrencies work. As an Ethereum-based meme coin, the MoonBag crypto is ready to offer a secure investment opportunity to seasoned and new investors. 

Let’s review the latest news about Notcoin and Shiba Inu and see how MoonBag compares. 

Notcoin Burning Does not Drive Up Price of the Coin.

The power of Notcoin comes from its mysterious presence, which keeps people in. However, it is crucial to avoid getting swayed by emotions and decide based on data. Recently, Notcoin announced the burning of 6,951,278 tokens to increase the coin’s scarcity. 

Despite the burning, the price of Bitcoin did not experience any significant positive impact. In fact, in the first couple of days after the burning, NOT lost 11.44% in value, forcing investors to cash out. 

Whale Movement Creates SHIB Hype but Fails to Boost the Price 

Loyalty to meme coins can only take you so far if they have no financial benefit to offer you. According to Whale Tracker, 1.75 million Shiba Inu coins were moved from Robinhood, raising questions about the coin’s future. 

Despite the massive movement of SHIB by whales, its price did not experience a boost. In the ten days following the move from whales, SHIB lost 7.26%. Ultimately, investors decided to cash out of SHIB and invest in MoonBag, the new meme coin-making wave in the crypto-verse. 

MoonBag Raises Over 1 Million USD to Become the Top Crypto Presale in 2024

The MoonBag crypto is on its way to revolutionising investors’ lives with its remarkable portfolio. The Ethereum-based meme coin offers iron-clad security and unmatched scaling speed. The MoonBag presale is currently speeding through the cosmos, having already raised over 1 million USD. 

Along with high returns, the MoonBag crypto offers staking rewards right from the start. Investors can start staking immediately after purchasing and claiming rewards once the presale is over. Investors can also expect an APY of 88% with MoonBag. You can also head to MoonBag’s website to get your hands on MBAG coins. The purchase of MBAG coins can be completed by filling out your Metamask or Trust Wallet with the crypto of your choice and attaching it to the MoonBag website. 

MoonBag Referral Programme

You will be given a referral code to share with others when you purchase it. The referral code can bring you 10% more MBAG coins every time others use it. You will also become eligible for monthly prizes if people keep on using your code when purchasing MBAG coins. 

Final Thoughts – Betting For Your Future

Many investors invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Shiba Inu and regret it lasos why finding the right opportunity is crucial in the crypto world. Many have started cashing out of these cryptos to make the move to MoonBag. You can also fill your crypto wallet with MBAG coins and enjoy high returns and rewards by visiting the MoonBag website today!

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