The crypto world is a buzzing place where every second brings new innovative ideas to the fore. That’s why there is never a dearth of new investment opportunities in crypto projects. MoonBag (MBAG) is one such new entrant that has cemented its place as the best crypto presale in 2024 in less than a month. Analysts and experts are putting their weight behind this monkey-themed meme coin. 

According to the alt season index, the next three to six months could see a resurgence of altcoins and meme coins, potentially leading to substantial parabolic movements. Monkey-themed coins have a history of performing well, with examples like Ponke showcasing the potential of such projects. 

MoonBag’s vibrant and engaging website immediately captures attention. With prompts to join the presale and explore the white paper, it’s clear that the team behind MoonBag crypto is focused on user engagement and transparency. The ecosystem boasts an impressive 10.3 billion coins already staked, offering an 88% APY to stakers. This vital staking component is a key attraction for investors. Let’s take a deeper look at what this newest meme coin brings to the table and why leading experts like Jacob Crypto Bury are endorsing it. 

Jacob Crypto Bury Falls in Love with MoonBag

The MoonBag presale is progressing at lightning velocity. In less than a month, it has completed half of its journey to the moon. During its high-flying presale, MoonBag has raised more than $2.5 million, and there is no stopping it. Already in the sixth stage, MoonBag coins are available at $0.0003, which allows users to purchase 3,333 MBAG coins for 1 USDT. The remarkable performance has attracted not only investors but also crypto experts. 

Jacob Crypto Bury is one of them. He shot to fame when he predicted the meteoric rise of Pepe Coin (PEPE). In one of the latest vlogs on his YouTube channel, he projected MoonBag price to surge to $0.25 per coin by the time of its launch on various exchanges in November this year. Moreover, he also projected a 100x potential for the MBAG price. He went on to predict that the MoonBag coin is likely to surge to $1 by next year and $10 by 2030. 

Liquidity and Buyback Strategy

One of MoonBag presale’s standout features is its liquidity and buyback strategy. Upon launch, liquidity will flow seamlessly, ensuring a vibrant market. Additionally, the project plans multiple buyback and burn events over the next three to six months. These events will inject buying pressure and reduce the total supply of coins, enhancing their value by creating scarcity. This dual approach of increasing demand while reducing supply is designed to propel prices upward and stabilise the market during bearish times.

The initial listing will feature $1 million in liquidity, with subsequent buyback and burn events occurring in five stages, each worth $500,000. This planned liquidity and buyback strategy should create a strong foundation for MoonBag’s price appreciation. Transparency is a cornerstone of MoonBag’s approach. The project allows users to view the wallets on Etherscan, promoting a culture of openness and trust. With $3.5 million liquidity at listing and a 15,000% increase from the presale stage, MoonBag is positioned for a solid launch. The project also emphasises community engagement, with numerous likes and retweets reflecting a strong, supportive base.

Roadmap and Future Plans

The MoonBag meme coin’s roadmap outlines a clear and structured plan for its growth. From initial scheming and calculations to smart contract audits and presale stages, the project is meticulously planned. The final stage will see the coin listed on decentralised exchanges (DEX) and centralised exchanges, with liquidity locked in, ensuring long-term stability. MoonBag’s tokenomics are designed to benefit holders and stakers. The breakdown includes 25% for staking, 20% locked liquidity for two years, and 40% allocated for the presale. The community incentives, referral incentives, and team allocations are also carefully structured to support growth and stability.

Staking MoonBag coins allows users to earn, with referral programmes offering additional incentives. The community has staked 7.85 billion MoonBag coins, receiving an 88% APY. This staking mechanism rewards holders and helps stabilise the coin’s value. Security is paramount in crypto, and MoonBag has taken significant steps to ensure its platform’s safety. The project has completed a KYC process and smart contract audit, adding an extra layer of security and trust. The audit report highlights minor issues the team is committed to resolving, further assuring investors of the project’s integrity.


MoonBag (MBAG) is a promising meme coin with a well-thought-out ecosystem and strong community support. Its transparent approach, strategic liquidity, and buyback plan, combined with an engaging roadmap, position it for potential success in the crypto market. If you’re yet to join the MoonBag procession, the time is now. You can purchase and stake your MBAG coins for an 88% APY whereas referring it to your friends and family will get you 10% additional coins. So, what are you waiting for? Join the MoonBag presale today!

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