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KarmaPi Genesis NFT Series: The Arcana Cards

KarmaPi Genesis NFT Series

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, January 29th, 2024

KarmaPi introduces the Arcana NFT series to strengthen its core community, enhance member growth, and foster loyalty. This NFT collection, available on OpenSea, has successfully completed two rounds of sales, offering unique benefits to holders. The upgrade system for Arcana NFTs aims to provide a more personalized and rewarding experience within the KarmaPi community.

The Genesis Collection comprises 9,999 Arcana NFTs, blending creativity, technology, and personalized insights. Each Arcana NFT serves as a key to an hour-long consultation with renowned NFT oracle influencers on TikTok, known as “divination bloggers.” This feature not only offers personalized divination services but also provides users with a distinctive experience.

Upon activation, each NFT grants an hour of consultation time, represented by an hour card in the user’s account. Users can engage in private chat rooms with divination bloggers for insights and guidance. The cost of consultations increases with the growing influence of the bloggers, creating a unique investment opportunity within the NFT ecosystem.

At the heart of KarmaPi lies in its Arcana Cards, divided into Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, symbolizing digital identity and prestige, consists of 22 characters, each upgradeable to level 15. These cards serve as the foundation for every player in the Karmaverse. 

The Minor Arcana, representing the four natural elements – Fire, Air, Water, and Earth – can be used to enhance the elemental mana of the Major Arcana. The upgrade system involves reaching specific levels to unlock elemental slots for each element, adding a strategic layer to the game.

Each Major Arcana starts with 4 elemental mana, representing Strength (Fire), Intelligence (Air), Psyche (Water), and Endurance (Earth). The total power of a Major Arcana is the sum of all elemental mana, with a native element starting with higher mana than the others. The rarity of Major Arcana, ranging from Common to Legendary, adds excitement.

As an incentive, KarmaPi offers redemption opportunities for holders of $ASTR tokens to obtain an exclusive KarmaPi Genesis Arcana NFT. Collecting all 12 Astrology NFTs enables holders to access this redemption. Furthermore, Genesis Arcana NFT holders can enjoy free KART token airdrops and participate in prediction games for additional rewards, contributing to a dynamic ecosystem around KarmaPi NFTs.

KarmaPi’s Genesis Series, featuring the Arcana Cards, goes beyond traditional NFT experiences, offering a blend of creativity, strategy, and personalized divination. As users explore the Karmaverse, they unlock a captivating journey filled with symbolism, rarity upgrades, and strategic gameplay. The future of NFTs has arrived, embodied in the innovative and engaging KarmaPi Arcana Cards.


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