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Meta Force Launches Groundbreaking Metaverse for Business and Leisure: A New Virtual Frontier by Lado Okhotnikov

Meta Force Launches Groundbreaking Metaverse for Business and Leisure: A New Virtual Frontier by Lado Okhotnikov

New Delhi, India, March 18th, 2024

A new era of virtual opportunities for business and leisure has begun in the Metaverse from Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov. The first block with basic functionality brought to life innovative technologies and principles of network marketing. From the stability of the Polygon blockchain to the gamification of business processes, Meta Force is mastering the virtual space for effective and exciting business.

Lado Okhotnikov and his Meta Force team announced the completion of the basic stage for the Meta Force platform development in the article “The first block with basic functionality for Lado Okhotnikov’s Metaverse has been released”. This announcement introduces Meta Force, highlighting the innovation and technological progress that make this project unique.

Meta Force: creating a comfortable business environment

Meta Force is a company developing a DeFi platform to create a comfortable business environment. The company’s ultimate goal is to release a completely decentralized Metaverse, a virtual space for work and play.

Meta Force: evolution from platform to Metaverse

The Meta Force project was designed to be incremental and scalable. In the first stage, the team developed and released a digital decentralized platform. Meta Force currently has approximately 1.6 million users. Further, the gradual development of the Metaverse on a broad front, taking into account the needs of users, is envisaged.

Meta Force Metaverse: synthesis of technologies for effective business

Lado Okhotnikov calls the Meta Force project synthetic – it absorbed the strengths of various technologies. The use of Blockchain ensures reliability and security, and the principles of a multi-level hierarchical team structure and an individual approach to each participant are introduced from marketing practices. The result was not just a virtual space, but a convenient and practical place for doing business.

Meta Force blockchain: the basis of the structure for network marketing

Blockchain has become the basic tool of Meta Force – it has made it possible to create a structure ideal for digital business:

Stability and security: decentralization and crypto-protection of the platform prevent all attempts of unauthorized access.

Openness: all relationships between project participants are based on smart contracts that clearly define the terms of cooperation.

Fairness: smart contracts ensure that all users are treated fairly by minimizing subjectivity.

Gamification: Meta Force has created a virtual experience in which users spend many hours a day. To make work fun, a significant portion of business processes will be gamified.

The native Forcecoin token: Meta Force uses the Polygon blockchain, which ensures stable network operation and almost unlimited scaling. Meta Force’s native token is Forcecoin, built on top of Polygon.

The latest Metaverse update

The latest update aims to improve the reliability and security of the platform, integrate new services, improve overall performance, and prepare for the eventual implementation of the Metaverse.

The Uniteverse module has been updated, adding an innovative crypto wallet and trading platform for Meta Force products, and significantly expanding the functionality of Forcecoin. Users can now purchase “digital” real estate in the Metaverse.

This announcement briefly touches on the key points of the article, discussing the technologies, goals of the project, and its development. Meta Force doesn’t merely offer a Metaverse; it creates an innovative space for successful and exciting businesses.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is an innovative global Web3 platform with a decentralized structure, built on the Polygon blockchain. It combines cryptocurrencies and virtual reality. All users are full participants in the ecosystem, and their interaction is regulated by smart contracts. This is a large-scale community of like-minded people, where everyone receives knowledge on how to effectively use the new opportunities of the metaverse.


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