How lucrative can new crypto projects be? When investors seek out new investments, they consider factors such as coin stability, resistance to price volatility, and, of course, the success of the coin’s presale. While investors are especially careful regarding meme coins, the MoonBag crypto has won the hearts and confidence of many in the crypto market.

It’s no surprise that the MoonBag coin has been tagged the best presale in July 2024. A quick look shows that it has all the features investors are constantly searching for. Meanwhile, other competing coins like Cosmos (ATOM) and Near Protocol (NEAR) have not been able to match the success MoonBag has achieved since the start of its presale phase.

Cosmos Price In A Downward Trend As ATOM Coin Loses Out Despite Upgrades

The crypto news that dominated last month was the Cosmos’ price prediction, and the imminent integration of interoperability features through its Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. But even with these upgrades, Cosmos has seen a significant downward trend.

Within the last 48 hours, Cosmos has decreased by 10.21% to a new price of about $5.53 from a fairly reasonable former price of about $6.94. Analysts mention that Cosmos can only begin an upward movement if the $10.11 resistance level is maintained. Despite this, investors have grown impatient and are moving to the MoonBag coin, a more stable and lucrative option.

 Near Protocol Price Prediction Still In Question

The Near Protocol/Nvidia story was the biggest news for a while, rumours of a new development phase seeking to transform AI into a more open and permissionless version dominating the crypto news space. 

However, near-protom price prediction remains in the shadow of these new AI developments. Near Protocol saw a rapid decline across June, as the bulls couldn’t hold on to the major footholds above the $5.00 mark, causing it to fall to around $4.50.  Although some analysts project a recovery for the NEAR crypto, sceptical investors are already moving their investments to MoonBag, the best presale in July 2024. 

MoonBag Crypto Emerges Best Presale in July 2024; Analysts Predict Prolonged Uptrend

MoonBag’s presale success drives up investor confidence and interest, with many flocking into its network from far and wide. With amazing features and unique reward systems, it is no surprise that its presale was coined the best presale in July 2024. 

Currently in its sixth presale stage, the MoonBag presale has recorded over $3.3 million in presale revenue, highlighting its commitment to financial empowerment and freedom. Aside from this, MoonBag features a unique liquidity plan, injecting $3.5 million into the MoonBag platform, which is divided into six parts. The platform also features a unique buy-back and burn strategy that decreases the supply, thus increasing the scarcity of the MBAG coin. This system has been put in place to ensure the stability of the network while boosting the value of the MBAG crypto. 

How To Buy $MBAG Coins? 

You can buy your MBAG coins very easily. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, you must install a digital wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet. 
  • Next, visit the MoonBag presale website and connect your wallet. 
  • After that, choose how many MBAG coins you want to buy.
  • Complete the transaction, and your coins will be sent to your wallet. 

Join MoonBag Crypto Staking Programme And Earn Big

Holders of MBAG coins who stake their Moonbag coins for extended periods can now enjoy massive staking rewards. Users can earn an APY of up to 88%, one of the highest in the market. Staking MoonBag coins also allows MBAG coin holders to contribute to the development of the MoonBag ecosystem through their long-term holding.

Conclusion- Join MoonBag Crypto’s Success 

Although Cosmos and Near Protocol boast impressive upgrades and cutting-edge technology, MoonBag presale has won the hearts of investors with its successful presale and well-structured liquidity plan. Analysts and investors alike have deemed it the best presale in July 2024, so now is the best time to participate.

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