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MoonBag Crypto Comes on Top in a Showdown Against Notcoin and Shiba Inu

MoonBag Crypto Comes on Top in a Showdown Against Notcoin and Shiba Inu

What do you think makes a good cryptocurrency? Is it the high returns or are there other requirements that a coin should fulfill to be labelled the best? As Notcoin (NOT) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) deal with market uncertainty, investors have started looking for a cryptocurrency with a solid foundation and iron-clad security. 

The search of investors has found its answer in the MoonBag coin, a meme coin aiming to bring a revolution in the realm of cryptocurrencies. The MoonBag crypto is all set to change the way meme coins work by offering high returns as well as a secure network to users. 

Let’s find out how NOT and SHIB have been dealing with challenges and what makes the MoonBag presale so special. 

NOT Dips Despite the Number of Onchain Holders Reaching 1.6 Million 

Notcoin, the crypto that claims to be more than a meme coin, has managed to build a huge following. However, that alone cannot be enough to impress the investors. 

After the number of Notcoin onchain holders reached 1.6 million, leaving behind SHIB, PEPE, and BONK, investors were hopeful of bullish trends. However, NOT ended up losing 13.87% in value after the onchain data was revealed, disappointing investors. 

SHIB Declines Amid Talks of an ETF

With Ethereum spot ETFs getting approved, there are talks of possible future ETFs in the market. The latest issue of The Shib magazine also raised the possibility of a SHIB ETF, peaking the interest of investors. 

However, the possibility of an ETF did not translate into a price boost for SHIB. The meme coin lost 15.02% in value after The Shib magazine was released, further casting doubt on the future of SHIB. 

MoonBag Crypto Creates Noise After Raising $1.25 Million in Presale 

The MoonBag coin can offer investors the peace of mind they rarely enjoy after investing in cryptocurrencies. By allocating 20% of the funds raised during the presale to liquidity, MoonBag is showing its commitment to the future of the project. The liquidity will help stabilise the price of the coin after presale through buyback and burn events. Currently, the MoonBag presale has entered the 5th stage where each coin is priced at $0.0002. 

Those who invest in the 5th stage will get an ROI of 900% at the official launch when MoonBag reaches $0.0020. Since the price of MoonBag is expected to increase to $0.0030 once it launches on DEX, investors will get to enjoy an ROI of 1400%. There are also plenty of staking rewards for investors an APY of 88%. So far, the presale has raised 1.25 million USD, and doesn’t seem like it will be stopping its journey towards the moon anytime soon. 

You can head on over to MoonBag’s website to grab your MBAG coins. The process of buying MBAG coins can be completed easily in a few steps. You can start by setting up your Metamask or Trust Wallet and filling it up with the crypto of your choice. After that, you can purchase your MoonBag crypto and start staking straight away. 

MoonBag Referral Programme

When you purchase MBAG coins, you will be given a referral code for sharing with your friends and family. Every time someone uses that code, you will instantly get 10% extra MBAG coins. You will also be able to win exciting prizes every month if your code is used by the highest number of people. 

Final Thoughts – The MoonBag Magic

It is rare to find a cryptocurrency that doesn’t lack in any aspect. In the decline of Notcoin and Shiba Inu, crypto enthusiasts have realised that investments with temporary gains are not worth their time. In MoonBag presale, the crypto world has found the solution to all of its problems. You can also benefit from the MoonBag presale by grabbing your MBAG coins today!

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