The newest meme coin in the global market, MoonBag (MBAG), has hit the hammer right on the nail with presale offers you won’t be able to turn down. The MoonBag presale has got crypto enthusiasts hooked on the latest news and any slight updates as they monitor the monkey-themed coin. After analysts predict MBAG coins to rise to $1 based on Coinbase listing rumours. MoonBag crypto is set to hit big records as the meme coin presale raises over $2.2M in just 6 presale stages. 

Unfortunately, coins like Fetch.AI and Toncoin might be competing as they fight to retain investor interest as investors are swayed over to MoonBag’s presale. 

Toncoin Faced with Scheme Accusations As Overall Price Drops 43.75%

Toncoin was designed to be a utility token that fuels DevApps within the ecosystem, built as a blockchain network on the Telegram app. In recent times, analysts have concluded that the coin has dropped a total of 60% after an annual loss of 43.75%. The coin’s market fluctuation adds to the uncertainty for its future. 

Furthermore, the coin has also been accused on social media of being a ‘scam’ coin where creators are finding ways to funnel money out of investors through the Telegram blockchain. These accusations are hitting the coin heavily, as the further drop in value has caused investors to pull out, with talks of the coin also creating many blockchain network issues. 

Fetch.AI Experiencing Network Failure? 

As an AI-backed currency, Fetch.AI has been leading innovation in cryptocurrencies, combining blockchain accessibility with AI machine learning. However, the coin’s AI-backed system is already enough to convince users to not fully trust the mechanisms of the currency. Fetch.AI’s artificial intelligence system has users concerned the coin might not be the easiest to navigate or monitor as unpredictable hits and rises could affect overall value. Already having experienced network failures and technological issues, these claims seem to be holding up correctly as market fluctuation creates issues for investors. 

How MoonBag Crypto Dominates Above All

MoonBag crypto has gotten crypto lovers thrilled with the exciting presale prospects they can avail. Investors are drawn to MoonBag coin’s easy rise in the market and remarkable presale success. As a result, the coin is being hailed as the best meme coin presale. With offers like 88% APY with MoonBag staking and 9900% ROI, it’s understandable why. While MoonBag currently offers a buy-in at $0.0003, the price is set to rise to $0.0030 after the presale ends – and as previously mentioned, analysts predict the coin will significantly rise to $1 by year-end. 

With 1 MBAG coin coming to $5000 USD, the MoonBag coin’s potential is limitless. The meme coin presale is selling out fast, with investors lining up to avail MoonBag staking rewards for 88% APY on staking with MBAG, so don’t miss out on your chance to join the presale today!

Reap the benefits – Buy MoonBag Crypto today!

All you need to do to buy MoonBag crypto is create a crypto wallet account that will link to any currency you prefer, like ETH. After that, you can start purchasing MBAG coins. Additionally, MoonBag’s referral policy gives you a chance to share a code with friends or family to earn them 10% extra in MBAG coins. By sharing, you also get a chance to win weekly rewards!

Looking ahead

With the MoonBag crypto presale performing so well, you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to join in and start reaping the MBAG meme coin presale benefits today. As Fetch.AI and Toncoin face trouble and unpredictable times, MoonBag’s potential is shooting through the roof. So don’t wait – buy MBAG coins today! 

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