Until recently, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have been largely unregulated. In January 2018, the SEC published a letter that addressed the concerns it had with the recent growth in the use of cryptos and crypto-related products pertaining to ICOs’ funds, valuation, custody, liquidity, and arbitrage. This is the reason why traders today investigate the regulatory compliance of crypto coins before investing in them. What are some coins launched in 2024 that strictly comply with regulatory guidelines?

MoonBag (MBAG) has recently launched its presale and is already making strides on social media platforms as a transparent coin well-equipped to mitigate risks for its users. Ethereum-powered MoonBag crypto offers a magnanimous 15000% ROI for its investors. Furthermore, it affords an exceptional 20% liquidity on funds that coins like Pepe Coin (PEPE) and Aave (AAVE) failed to deliver. With these revolutionary features, MoonBag crypto is certainly rising as the best crypto of 2024.

Let’s find out how MoonBag measures up with other coins.

Pepe Coin’s Profits Sink

Launched in 2023, this US-based meme coin sports a frog as its mascot. The coin basked in the online hype and influencer endorsement during the beginning of its career but needed help to sustain the pressure of the crypto market when the beginner’s luck wore off. 

Pepe Coin is a small-cap crypto with a high circulating supply. This makes it a popular target for several pump-and-dump schemes. This means that the price of this project is artificially inflated to the extent that its risk of crashing becomes inevitable. 

Investors Grow Wary of Aave’s Internal Problems

Aave (AAVE), rebranded from ETHlend, was formally launched in 2018. After the launch, it switched from a peer-to-peer lending model to a liquidity pool-based model. While it was received positively in the market, Aave faces certain internal issues that investors can’t ignore.

Perhaps the biggest problem that Aave is currently facing is its over-collateralisation. This policy states that customers must lock in more crypto assets than they want to borrow. This has driven the investors away towards better projects like MoonBag coin, which offers transparent, investor-friendly strategies with which to work.

MoonBag Crypto: Your Rocket to Cosmic Success

MoonBag presale has entered Stage 6 by raising more than 2 million USD. In this stage, early investors are primed for a 750% increase. By the end of the presale, these investors will experience accelerated profits of 9900%. The presale has already begun the second half of its journey, which means the right time to buy MoonBag crypto is now!

MoonBag’s Referral System

With MoonBag, you can multiply your coins without doing the hard work. Here is how it works:

  1. Securely connect your wallet with MoonBag. This will generate a referral code.
  2. Share your referral codes with friends, family, and the crypto community.

You receive 10% extra MoonBag coins every time someone uses your code. This also allows you to join a monthly leaderboard to win magnificent prizes.


Projected to raise to $1 by 2025, MoonBag crypto’s supersonic speed to success has left coins like Pepe Coin (PEPE) and Aave (AAVE) behind. It meticulously adheres to staunch regulatory standards and utility mechanisms, making it one of the most sought-after launches of the year. Join the MoonBag presale to secure your future today. 

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