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MoonBag Crypto Secures Top Spot With Investors As Dogeverse and VeChain Struggle to Keep Up

MoonBag Crypto Secures Top Spot With Investors As Dogeverse and VeChain Struggle to Keep Up

As MoonBag (MBAG) crypto hits the market with the launch of their presale, investors have already declared the latest meme coin their favourite, with Dogeverse and VeChain seeing a decline. The meme coin has seen instant success in the presale as it rushes to raise over $1M within just three stages, and the fourth stage leads to a further upward spike. Added to the benefits the coin offers with the presale stage and afterwards, it is no surprise that industry enthusiasts have labelled it as one of the best meme coin presales. 

With investors sent into complete excitement mode over MoonBag coin, how are other cryptos like Dogeverse and VeChain holding up? Reports suggest that both the other coins have seen a decline in the market over the last few weeks, so does that mean it’s safe to assume that MoonBag’s success has caused others to decline? Let’s dig deeper to find out. 

Downward Dogeverse: A Fall From Grace

Dogeverse meme coin spent many weeks on the top spot as internet popularity mixed with genuine excitement over the coin’s launch sent investors and crypto lovers investing both interest and money into the coin. However, recent times have shown Dogeverse’s decline from its earlier presale stage to now, with security threats and coin instability causing a negative response from users. 

Along with network malfunctions and instability, Dogeverse has gotten investors looking into other coins like MoonBag to fill the gap that this coin now leaves.

VeChain’s Lows Greater than Highs

As a blockchain platform designed to help build customer supply management, VeChain was off to a good start on the global market. However, with rumours of VeChain being at risk of getting delisted and a market drop of -29.90% in just days, VeChain’s performance has significantly declined. This has caused crypto and industry enthusiasts to not expect much from the coin’s performance and look at others who might list the same offers. 

MBAG Takes Easy Win To The Top

In just a short time, MBAG coins have significantly grown in popularity, and investments have grown alike. Surpassing three stages of its presale with a whopping $1M raised and continued growth in the fourth stage, the MoonBag coin is performing superbly well. MBAG has a buying price of $0.00015 at the presale stage, set to increase to $0.0030 as the presale ends. MoonBag’s presale allows you to earn 9900% ROI, and the meme coin will enable you to earn stake coins at 88% APY, easily surpassing Dogeverse’s 53% APY. What’s more, buying MoonBag coins has never been easier. Read more to find out how to buy MBAG crypto. 

Reap the benefits – Buy MoonBag Crypto today!

To buy MoonBag crypto, you must create an account and link your digital crypto wallet. Doing this gives you a chance to get a referral code to distribute to your friends, family, and other crypto lovers so they can earn 10% extra in MBAG coins and a chance for you to win weekly rewards. The more your code is used, the more your chances of winning rewards increase. 

Looking ahead

As Dogeverse and VeChain experience network malfunctions and performance declines, it’s not surprising investors are looking at MoonBag with more enthusiasm. The latest meme coin offers more growth opportunities, significance, a bigger ROI, and a safer blockchain landscape. So what are you waiting for? Buy MBAG coins today! 

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