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MoonBag Presale Knocks Dogeverse, Immutable X Out of the Park on Its Journey to the Moon

MoonBag Presale Knocks Dogeverse, Immutable X Out of the Park on Its Journey to the Moon

What would you look for in a cryptocurrency before investing in it? For most people, the hype is enough to invest in a coin, but they end up regretting it later like the early investors of Dogeverse cashing out after noticing the problems. Some people choose a coin based on its relevance to their lives. A prime example of this is people investing in Immutable X (IMX) simply because they like gaming. However, even that logic ends up leading to financial losses. The solution is a crypto that promises high returns and aims to protect your investments for a long time, like MoonBag. 

The MoonBag coin offers what every crypto investor has always been looking for. Along with high returns and staking rewards, MoonBag offers security to its investors and takes great pains to protect their money. 

Let’s review the issues surrounding Dogeverse and Immutable X and determine what makes MoonBag the best option for investors. 

Dogeverse Loses Investments After Website Goes Down Twice During Presale

Dogeverse is a new meme coin that has generated a lot of hype during its presale. The primary reason people are interested in Dogeverse is its multichain capability. Some expected it to become the next Dogecoin, turning investors into millionaires overnight. 

However, Dogeverse’s security issues have already become clear during the presale, which has disappointed investors. People are apprehensive about their investments and have started cashing out to invest in a better presale. 

Striker Manager Fails to Strike a Goal for Immutable X

The NFT and gaming-centred altcoin IMX have maintained a steady line on the graphs. However, the steady lines don’t help investors earn significant amounts, leading to dissatisfaction with the coin. 

In an interesting move, Immutable announced that Striker Manager, the popular Web3 game, will launch on its platform. Unfortunately for IMX, the downward trend continued, with the coin losing an additional 5.61% in value after the news from Immutable. In such a situation, investors must look for a replacement that can bring steady returns. 

MoonBag Presale Shoots Through Space, Raising Over $970K to Attract Investors

The crypto realm’s current scalability and security problems have found their solution in the face of the MoonBag crypto. The ongoing MoonBag presale has raised over $970K in record time while cruising to the 4th stage. The current price of each MBAG coin is $0.00013. Once the presale ends, the cost of MoonBag will reach $0.0020, bringing an ROI of 1438.46% to those who invest now. The cost of the MoonBag crypto will increase to $0.0030 once the coin gets listed on DEX. 

The Ethereum-based MoonBag crypto borrows the ironclad security from the layer underneath. MoonBag also comes with advanced interoperability capability. To secure people’s investments, 20% of the funds raised during the MoonBag presale will be set aside for liquidity. Up to six months after the launch, the liquidity will be used for buyback and burn events, stabilising the coin’s price. The process of buying the MBAG coins has also been simplified for the sake of the investors. 

MoonBag Referral System

Along with staking rewards, MoonBag also offers investors a chance to win exciting prizes through its referral system. If you buy MoonBag coins, you will be given a referral code to share with as many people as you want. When buying MoonBag, you will get 10% extra MBAG coins every time someone uses your code. There’s also a monthly leaderboard where the top three positions will get to win prizes. The more people use your code, the higher your chances of winning. 

Conclusion – The Science of Choosing the Right Crypto

It can be tempting to go with the hype or become a loyal follower of a relevant crypto. However, if you don’t want your money to go to waste, avoiding cryptos like Dogeverse and IMX is best. Instead, you should focus on finding the right crypto to bring you high returns and surety about a secure future. The MoonBag coin presale offers exactly what the investors want, so there’s no reason to hesitate before grabbing MBAG coins. 

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