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MoonBag Presale Trails Dogwifhat Success as Hedera Investors Panic

MoonBag Presale Trails Dogwifhat Success as Hedera Investors Panic

Can cryptocurrencies help out with rent? Yes, unsurprisingly, crypto can do more than sort your rent, especially when you make great picks. Cryptos can totally buy you a new house. However, whether or not you make any money on your crypto investments depends on your research. For instance, Hedera’s trading price recently dipped an unprecedented 20% with no bounce back in sight. Dogwifhat, on its end, still has difficulty finding a sustainable user base. 

While these nightmares are common in the crypto market, MoonBag’s strong buyback and burn strategy is sure to stave off such negative concerns. The meme coin is currently at Stage 4 of its presale and is trading at $0.00017 per coin. As such, just 1 USDT can bag you up to 6,667 MBAG coins. The MoonBag presale has raised $1.5 Million so far and is set to only climb higher. 

MoonBag Set to Trail in Dogwifhat’s Wild Ride

As of December 2023, Dogwifhat was still a largely unknown meme coin and was trading at only $0.000155. However, seven months down the line, the meme coin is trading at a healthy $3.32. This marked rise represents a shrewd 213,333% ROI for early holders. Dogwifhat pulled this off thanks to its well-planned buyback strategy. 

MoonBag best meme coin presales for 2024 is set to trail in its path and make holders millions. So, why not join the MoonBag presale now?

Hedera Price Plunges as Investors Seek Stabler Alternative

In an event reflective of the cryptocurrency market swings, Hedera experienced notable price drops in its trading price recently. To top that, the coin also faced operational disruptions. This was attributed to its “network irregularities”. Now, investors are justifiably worried about the platform’s reliability and technical robustness. 

Overall, even though it shows some upward trend, sentiments about it are predominantly bearish with several technical indicators suggesting a negative outlook.

MoonBag Presale Soars For the Skies

MoonBag presale is trailing the paths of earlier successful meme coins. MBAG has raised $1.5 Million and will only keep climbing. Ultimately, when the coin gets to Stage 10, these stakeholders will have raked in a total of 9,900% in ROI. If you join now, you’ll make 1,665% in ROI. It’s not quite close to 9,900%, but it’s still something. 

MoonBag also has a great referral program. By referring others, you can earn a share of the 5% of all tokens set aside for this purpose, which means potentially getting a large number of coins. MoonBag crypto is certainly set to become a big name in the world of cryptocurrency. The development team has already put in place a solid strategy to increase demand and prices. The key part of this strategy is buying back and burning tokens at special milestones. 

How to Buy MoonBag 

Ready to buy MoonBag crypto? Follow these steps to complete your purchase: 

  • Install either MetaMask or Trust to set your wallet up.
  • Fund your wallet with either ETH, USDT or BNB. 
  • Head over to the Buy Now page and exchange your ETH (or USDT/BNB) for some MBAG coins with your wallet. 
  • After the meme coin presale ends, your MoonBag coins will be released.


Even though the cryptocurrency market is largely turbulent, with many cryptos occasionally experiencing volatile price swings, well-planned out meme coins like Dogwifhat and MoonBag often manage to swim safely above the tides. Dogwifhat has already achieved a 213,333% ROI and is only set to soar further, much like the MoonBag presale. MoonBag’s promises to investors are particularly massive, with the earliest holders in line to claim up to 15,000% ROI. 

Currently, at its fifth stage, investors disheartened by Hedera’s fumbling and ready to replicate Dogwifhat’s success are invited to purchase some MBAG coins. We heartily recommend that you buy some MoonBag Coins today and rake in those millions!

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