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MoonBag Presale’s 15,000% ROI Projection Leaves Fetch AI and Avalanche in Lunar Dust

MoonBag Presale’s 15,000% ROI Projection Leaves Fetch AI and Avalanche in Lunar Dust

Have you found yourself scratching your head as you wonder which crypto is worth investing in? Cryptos like Fetch AI and Avalanche are continuously struggling to meet investors’ expectations as enthusiasts and analysts observe certain failings on their part. As the struggle continues, it appears that there is a clear winner in this tug-of-war. The all-new MoonBag (MBAG) is continuously stealing the limelight, with investors teeming around this apparent winner of this year’s bull season.

MoonBag’s whitepaper has proved to be a roadmap filled with green flags like a long-term vision, transparency, and endless profits. Unlike ever before, it appears as if a meme-coin has proven to be a complete package and dazzled investors around the globe with all that it has to offer. Is MoonBag really everything it is hyped up to be? Let’s find out.

Fetch AI: An Over-Hyped Gamble?

Fetch AI (FET) is a cryptocurrency associated with a decentralised learning platform regarding trading applications. Although FET is currently on the rise, critics claim that it does not stand true to its claims. It doesn’t rely on Artificial Intelligence, which it has been marketed as. Other than that, investors have raised concerns about FET showing bearish trends over a period of time. To ensure a surge in prices, the project must succeed with newer collaborations and positive trends in media. With its unrevised roadmap and lack of clear goals for its future, the project should rebrand itself to ensure its success. There have been no guarantees which show a marked upward trend. Future investors must review their possibilities to ensure better gains.

Investors Concerned About Avalanche?

Avalanche (AVAX) is a crypto-currency and blockchain platform with the goal of providing fast, secure and efficient transaction processing. Avalanche is faced with strong market competition, which investors seem to favour. It must realise its claims of quick and fast transactions in comparison to other platforms. Although it lives up to its claims of providing safe and secure transactions, a platform with reduced flow is risky. Moreover, malicious acts are not penalised, making investors concerned. Although the crypto’s overall price has increased, the distribution is currently limited to a group of insiders, which cannot ensure long-term gains. The application is expected to become prey to scalability issues, which can lead to serious declines. 

 MoonBag-An Ascent to the Moon and Back?

Is the lack of sustainability and scalability in well-known cryptos bothering you? It appears that a monkey bound for the moon, carrying a bag brimming with coins, has got you covered. The MoonBag Monkey has promised not to let you down by assuring investors that issues like high gas fees and bottlenecking will no longer be a concern for investors. Moreover, sustainability has almost become a guarantee because the liquidity of the coin has been locked for 2 whole years. The creators have also pledged that they will use 20% of the profits gained from the presale to inject liquidity-a pledge that will prevent the coin’s value from plummeting once the presale is over.

All technicalities aside, the MoonBag launch has proven to be a source of great financial freedom. Those invested in the first stage of the presale have already made 550% profits. But it isn’t too late; those who invest now will soon feel their wallets bulging as investors in the third stage will see a 15.4% profit as soon as the fourth stage begins. And onwards as the presale progresses. MoonBag also brings investors an innovative offer: they may stake their coins during the presale for an 88% APY, along with airdrops and access to events.

Refer to Win:

Generate a referral code and persuade friends to use it as they become a part of this voyage! What do investors stand to gain? 10% more $BAG and a chance to win exciting prizes from the generous MoonBag Monkey.


The prospect of growing and bonding with a like-minded community was never more inviting, and investors’ response shows the world has accepted the MoonBag presale’s victory even before the finale. The thundering applause for MoonBag has deafened many cryptos, including Fetch AI and Avalanche, and investors are choosing to become part of the monkey community before time runs out. 

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