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MoonBag’s Rumoured Debut on Coinbase: A Meteoric Rise Against Floki Inu And Shiba Inu

MoonBag’s Rumoured Debut on Coinbase

Hey there, crypto curious! Heard the rumbling in the crypto world? Rumours are flying that MoonBag(MBAG), the new meme coin on the block, might join the big dogs – Shiba Inu and Floki Inu – on the fancy Coinbase exchange!

A while back, Coinbase made headlines by letting SHIB and FLOKI in, which was a big deal for these meme coins. But after the party poppers went off, both coins dropped in price, leaving some folks scratching their heads.

So, with things feeling a bit uncertain, MoonBag MBAG trots in with its cute monkey traits and some exciting features – here it’s about big returns, rewards for holding your coins (like earning interest!), and even bonuses for telling your friends about it. No wonder everyone’s excited about possibly getting a listing for MoonBag on Coinbase. 

Shiba Inu: Mixed Sentiments and Market Reactions

SHIB, the meme coin with the undeniably cute doggo face, has been on a wild ride lately. Remember Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who started this whole Doge craze? Sadly, Kabosu passed away, and the SHIB community felt that loss deeply.

Things were looking up for a while, though. SHIB went on a burning spree, taking a huge chunk of coins(388%) out of circulation to make the remaining ones more valuable. However, despite the efforts and SHIB finally landing a spot on the big-name exchange Coinbase, the price hasn’t skyrocketed. It’s seeing constant fluctuations that have left the whole crypto market with mixed feelings. Investors have also started to doubt SHIB’s potential to make a strong comeback. It’s a waiting game for now – hoping for a price surge but also wary of a potential crash. The crypto world is a gamble, after all!

Floki Inu: Whale Activity and Market Uncertainty

FLOKI seems to be hitting some choppy waters. The initial hype surrounding its Coinbase listing was a welcome boost, but the price has dipped around 4% since the announcement. This could be a combination of factors. Big investors, known as whales, are pulling back on their FLOKI holdings, and the overall market uncertainty isn’t exactly giving investors the warm and fuzzies. 

The initial good vibes of the Coinbase listing have faded. A look at the bigger picture suggests that the holders may be considering an opportunity to cash out on recent gains. There are also voices in the market that FLOKI might be due for a correction, while some analysts point to overbought conditions. Despite recent price increases, these issues combined paint a less-than-optimistic picture of Floki Inu’s immediate future.

MoonBag: Rumored Coinbase Listing and Explosive Presale Performance

MoonBag crypto, the new meme coin with spacefaring dreams, is blasting off! It’s already rocketed past $700,000 in MoonBag presale, and its coins are still super affordable (for now!). People who got in early are seeing crazy returns – some are up a whopping 9900%! Plus, you can earn rewards just for holding onto your MoonBag coins.

Rumours are swirling that MoonBag crypto might land on the big-time exchange Coinbase. If that happens, buckle up – the price could go interstellar! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the MoonBag mission! This is not financial advice, but missing out on this could feel like missing your ride to the moon.


Forget over Floki or feeling SHIBShy – MBAG coins are the new meme coin on the block! While others stumbled after their Coinbase listings, MoonBag’s presale is crushing it, already breaking fundraising records. Plus, they’ve got excellent features like staking rewards. The whispers of a MoonBag on the Coinbase listing are fueling the fire. This could be your chance to ride the next crypto wave to the moon!

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