Can this year’s top crypto presale be your rags to riches story? Seasoned crypto investors are struggling to elevate their returns with cryptos like Avalanche and Kangamoon. But the star of the show may be the new MoonBag (MBAG) as it shines in the sky and flies to the moon. 

This year’s top crypto presale may just be slipping by you because MoonBag’s presale is already halfway through. Having made a profit of over $2 million already, the presale offers grand returns, early staking rewards, a vision to ensure viability and much more. Let’s explore why the MoonBag crypto presale was branded as the probable top crypto presale this bull season. 

Avalanche – Succumbing To Regulatory Scrutiny?

Avalanche is a trading platform that allows for seamless and quick transactions. Though it aims to become a decentralized network, that goal has not been achieved yet. Avalanche’s ecosystem is fairly young and underdeveloped, making it difficult for expert investors to adapt to. Moreover, issues regarding regulatory checks have made some investors skeptical. In comparison to all these concerns faced by investors, MoonBag offers a much stable ride with your crypto investment.

Kangamoon – A Gaming And Trading Mishap?

Kangamoon is one of the latest meme coins incorporating gaming and trading. Kangamoon’s presale was expected to end at the fifth stage but creator’s decided to extend it till another stage. This decision added a lot of skepticism in the minds of crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, security concerns regarding trading practices on the platform and liquidation issues have gained a negative sentiment from the crypto world. Though the project has interesting trading facilities, they aren’t enough. If you are interested in making a crypto investment, MoonBag should be your first choice, as it offers both great perks and features.

MoonBag’s Top Crypto Presale – Smooth Landing on the Moon Guaranteed? 

MoonBag crypto has covered half the journey to the moon, quickly whooshing from one presale stage to the next. At stage 6, investors are invited by a persuasive reward of a 50% ROI. Towering ROI’s have been promised upon the completion of each stage, amounting to a total of 9,900% for those who invested in the first stage. This top crypto presale is only the beginning of what is almost guaranteed to be a smooth and endless flight to success. 

Financial benefits do not end here. Early staking opportunities will bring in an 88% APY-a figure that is truly grand in comparison to the APY’s offered by other crypto presales. The creators of MoonBag began their journey by renouncing the contract for the MoonBag meme coin and dedicating a generous 20% of the presale profits to ensure the liquidity of the coin once the presale ends. In a move that displays great transparency, 75% of the profits have been allocated for marketing and 5% for operational costs. Trading MoonBag meme coins is guaranteed to be efficient because the platform offers great scalability solutions and ensures that all transactions will be taxation free. All these perks and more have left no doubt that the MoonBag crypto presale is the top crypto presale this year. 

Referral FTW: 

By logging onto the MoonBag crypto website and connecting your wallet, you can create your very own referral code. Share this code with friends so that they can get 10% extra MoonBag coins while buying in and help you win exciting prizes on the monthly leaderboard. 


The top crypto presale of this year offers enough incentives to be your rags to riches story. With Avalanche and Kangamoon scrambling to ensure their cryptos remain viable, the MoonBag presale has already won hearts and persuaded investors to buy in. 

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