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One World Nation Launches Exclusive NFT Skins for Valentine’s Day

One World Nation Launches Exclusive NFT Skins for Valentine’s Day

Bengaluru, India, 15th February, 2023

Cupid has struck the Cryptoverse with the launch of special NFT skins for Valentine’s Day. Developed by the successful web3 gaming ecosystem One World Nation (OWN), the skins can be won by players by participating in love-themed community events and emerging triumphant. During OWN’s Love Week, players can also gift special discount coupons to themselves or their Community Valentine.

India’s top Play-to-Earn game, Crypto Fantasy is the flagship game of One World Nation. Based on the turbulent cryptocurrency markets, Crypto Fantasy gamifies the art of earning from digital asset movements. Crypto Fantasy forms a battleground of champions  –  an arena to showcase the true knowledge of crypto. Players must create a team of five Cryptonites (NFTs that represent crypto tokens) who can go up in value, compete and win huge rewards.

The objective of the game is to create a winning team of five Cryptonites who have been optimized to attain the maximum number of points within a specified period of time. Points are awarded to each Cryptonite based on the performance of the underlying crypto in the real world.

As part of One World Nation’s Love Week promotion, Crypto Fantasy players can not only collect Valentine’s NFTs, but can find their Soulmate NFT by participating in a fun quiz.

The entire OWN ecosystem has been built with their community. New features are voted and changes are based on feedback. All of the ecosystem’s games have been designed with the goal of giving players a seamless product experience. Hence, players can just sign up using their Facebook or Google account. No additional steps to connect a crypto wallet, make crypto deposits, or use on-off ramp tools are required initially.

One World Nation, which launched in June of 2022, aims to create a safe space for new traders and young enthusiasts to learn the market via games like Crypto Fantasy and Prediction. Its Valentine’s Day NFTs are another example of how OWN is mainstreaming web3 gaming.

About OWN
One World Nation (OWN) is an NFT-based P2E game that aims to bring non-crypto natives to the Web3 ecosystem through gamification. It is a Cryptoverse of fantasy, casual and hypercasual games leveraging the web3 technology, centered around the Crypto markets. The first two games launched are called Crypto Fantasy and Prediction where users win stablecoin rewards. 

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To win a special reward a Limited Edition Valentine Skin for free – sign up here.


Crislin Rozario
One World Nation


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