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Play-and-Earn Football Prediction App Pooky Announces Availability Of Genesis NFT Collection

Play-and-Earn Football Prediction App Pooky Announces Availability Of Genesis NFT Collection

Milano, Italy, 16th February, 2023

Pooky, the gamified Web3 football prediction platform, has launched its Genesis Collection Pookyball NFTs for early access to its gamified, no-risk alternative to betting. It follows the public beta of Pooky that launched in November 2022, which saw over 450,000 predictions made, with an average of 7,000 active monthly players. 

With Pookyball NFTs, players will be empowered to earn crypto-based rewards for guessing the outcomes of football matches in Europe’s biggest football leagues. Pooky is transforming sports betting with a unique NFT-based prediction game that provides the same thrills, but without the financial risks of traditional gambling. By predicting the outcome of games, number of goals and exact scores, players can climb the ranks of the Pooky leaderboards and earn $MATIC and $POK rewards. 

The 1,000 Genesis Collection NFTs were designed by 3D studio Serial Cut, which has worked with brands including Nike, Spotify and RedBull, and will be available to mint starting February 28th. Multiple levels of rarity will be available, with the most scarce NFTs possessing higher attributes to boost players’ prediction strategies.

Pooky will follow up with periodical mints of Regular Pookyball NFTs starting in March, giving everyone the chance to start participating in its predictions game. 

Pooky’s prediction game initially supports football, with plans to expand to tennis, basketball and Formula 1 later this year. 

During its first phase, Pooky will use its soulbound $POK token to test its in-game mechanics, before transitioning to its native and tradeable $TPK token later this year. 

A sustainable tokenomics model

Pooky has created a sustainable economy based on a single, capped supply, ERC-20 utility token ($TPK) for in-game expenses and rewards, using a rewards pool per season and per competition model where tokens are distributed based on in-flow. 

Unlike play-to-earn titles that suffer from rampant token supply inflation, Pooky does not award tokens for simply playing. Instead, gamers must demonstrate prediction and strategy skills to top leaderboards rankings to maximize rewards.

When players spend tokens on upgrades to boost their earnings potential, a percentage of those fees will be burnt. These two mechanics combined with a capped supply result in a more sustainable, long-term circular economy that’s absent in most other play-to-earn models. Pooky is built on a “Play-and-Earn” model focusing mostly on gameplay and entertainment, rather than just the earning side.

About Pooky

Pooky was founded in 2022 by Claudio and Stefano Riff. The brothers are big sports fans, and have first-hand experience with existing sports betting platforms and their shortcomings. Pooky was directly inspired by Stefano being blocked from using online sportsbooks for seemingly winning too much from it.

The pair committed to developing an alternative to the traditional betting model underpinned by blockchain technology. The company operated out of the public eye, recruiting senior team members during summer 2022, and was officially incorporated in September.

Pooky raised more than €3 million from pre-seed investors, including Claster Investments VC. Advising the startup is a highly experienced group of managers and executives within the sport, gaming and blockchain industry.

Pooky’s Pookyball NFTs were designed by Serial Cut, a creative and art direction studio for advertising and culture making iconic imagery, animation and extended realities by using digital, physical or virtual techniques. Serial Cut’s clients include Adobe, Converse, Diesel, Facebook, Google, IKEA, Microsoft, MTV, Nike, Lexus, Lyft, Oreo, Puma, Ray-Ban, Red Bull, Samsung, Sonos, SONY, Spotify, Vodafone, WeCom, WIRED, and 7UP, among others.

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