Presales are considered the crown jewel for early investors as they offer exclusive benefits and massive returns. As the crypto market navigates volatility and fluctuation, staying ahead of the curve becomes even more crucial. The recent sell-off of Avalanche’s (AVAX) coin and the emerging doubts over the stability of Filecoin’s (FIL) liquid staking platform have caused investors to lose confidence in the coins as they opt for more rewarding and promising opportunities. 

Amid the abovementioned uncertainties, many are taking refuge in the Qubetics whitelist. Qubetics is a layer-1 blockchain that has caused a stir in the crypto industry with its unique features and well-established plan poised to redefine the future of digital finance. Experts believe Qubetics (TICS) will have one of the most successful presales this year.

Avalanche’s Price Plummets to 6-Month Low

Avalanche’s native coin (AVAX) has lost 37% in a month and is now at a six-month low since December 2023. With its market capitalisation slightly below $10 billion, it occupies the 14th place below Shiba Inu and Tron. The drop has sparked debate over its cause, with some attributing it to a whale transferring a massive volume of AVAX to CEXs. This decline comes despite Avalanche demonstrating a growth trajectory and collaborations, such as a leading game developer rolling out an NFT marketplace on the blockchain. The situation in the crypto market remains bearish, and investors do not know how AVAX will fare in these uncertainties. Is it possible that the price of AVAX will recover from this drop, or will it continue to decrease? Only time will tell.

Filecoin’s Liquid Staking Platform Under Investigation by Chinese Police 

Due to unexplained coin transfers and unauthorised upgrades, Chinese authorities are investigating the core technical team behind the Filecoin-based STFIL protocol. The investigation follows a series of events, such as the transfer of 2.5 million FILcoins worth $22 million to an unknown address. The STFIL team is calling on the community to help track the unknown address and safeguard stakeholders’ interests. Therefore, this development brings into question the protocol’s validity and its associated dangers. This uncertainty has created anxiety among investors and stakeholders, who are unsure what is in store for Filecoin and STFIL.

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The uncertainties surrounding Filecoin (FIL) and Avalanche (AVAX) have caused investors to shift to Qubetics (TICS). It has the potential to revolutionise the crypto industry and create the next wave of crypto millionaires. The spots on the Qubetics whitelist are limited and filling up quickly. To avoid missing out, join the whitelist today and secure your spot.

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