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Qubetics Whitelist Fills In the Flaws Left by Ethereum’s Congestion and Litecoin’s Slow Transactions 

Qubetics Whitelist: Filling the Gaps of Ethereum and Litecoin

Do you know why developers felt the need for new cryptos when there were great players like Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC)? The most compelling reason is their congestive ecosystems for Ethereum and slowest transactions per second for Litecoin. Moreover, Ethereum also underwent security exploitation or hacking because of flexible smart contract deployment. 

In light of these issues, how can you make this treasure hunt for finding the next big hit like ETH or LTC successful? Qubetics (TICS) has got you covered with its bona fide features and highest returns. Not even the biggest crypto analysts have any insight into its outstanding services, as Qubetics is definitely hiding something gigantic. However, you can catch on to a few through Qubetics Whitelist, where regular updates are shared via email. 

Will Events Like DAO Keep Coming to Ethereum’s World? 

Lately, Ethereum has been beating the bush for its revolutionary victory since the ETF got approved. However, if the analysis goes beyond this superficial glamour, ETH is vulnerable to security and scalability issues. The credit goes to its weak smart contract deployment regulations and scalability flaws. 

According to analysts, ETH wasn’t curated to deal with the development of limitless DApps and other related projects. The massive influx of these dApps has greatly affected Ethereum’s efficiency. To fill in the lags, developers are on their heels to conceal this matter with Layer-1 and Layer-2 solutions. 

Even the New Cryptos are Better than Litecoin for Its Slow Transactions 

Litecoin holds a massive stash of digital assets that contribute to its current ranking in the Crypto universe. LTC has come a long way since 2011 but it hasn’t escaped the loop of slower transactions per second as compared to Ethereum or Bitcoin. While other cryptos are heading towards more and more TPS, Litecoin is trying harder to confirm and process these transactions efficiently. 

With more cryptos going towards real-world use cases and paying bills while shopping, Litecoin might not be an ideal choice for this purpose. 

Investors are Betting on Qubetics Whitelist to Secure Exclusive Benefits

Qubetics Whitelist is taking over the highlights of the latest crypto presales in 2024. The investors are already withdrawing their assets to binge on Qubetics Presale when it goes live. Other smarter ones have made their entries into the Qubetics Whitelist to find out what’s cooking in the Qubetics ecosystem. 

As the whitelist is nearing its closure, the influx of both the pro crypto riches and novices has accelerated. If you don’t want to miss the final call to a brilliant future, enrol yourself now. 

Are New Cryptos a Profitable Gig? 

Investing in potential new cryptos and buying crypto ICOs is a smart and highly profitable gig. It is recommended by most crypto analysts who are supporting innovation and modern technology against all odds. Qubetics Whitelist can be your ultimate gig if you act timely and join its lounge of VIPs. 


As the cryptos evolve, the tech savvy and developers are doing their best to create modernised financial solutions independent of centralised systems. Qubetics has joined this league of inventing futuristic solutions and is taking limited investors along its journey. You can be the next crypto reformer or mentor if you join this voyage through the space of golden opportunities. Forget about slow Litecoin transactions or high Ethereum gas fees, because Qubetics is on its way as a sustainable investment option. 

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