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ScapesMania Launches: $6M Presale Success and New Gaming Ecosystem

ScapesMania Launches: $6M Presale Success and New Gaming Ecosystem

Mahe, Seychelles, March 11th, 2024

In the latest surge of cryptocurrency market interest, ScapesMania is making headlines with its innovative blend of Web2 and Web3 technologies. Following a successful $6M presale and securing 18,400 holders, ScapesMania has made a notable entrance on PancakeSwap with its MANIA/WBNB and MANIA/USDT liquidity pairs.

Initial Performance Highlights

The platform’s debut trading day reflected a promising start, maintaining a stable holder count of 18.41K and achieving a trading volume of $2.26 million. This performance swiftly positioned ScapesMania at the forefront of DEXTools’ Hot Pairs list.

Introducing ScapesMania

ScapesMania introduces an engaging ecosystem for gamers and crypto enthusiasts. It aims to provide a seamless gaming experience without requiring extensive cryptocurrency knowledge, while also offering holders a say in the ecosystem’s future through DAO governance and benefiting from its success.

The Role of $MANIA Token

The $MANIA token is at the heart of ScapesMania, enabling:

  • DAO governance, allowing the community to steer the platform’s direction.
  • Staking options for earning rewards.
  • Engagement rewards for active community participation.
  • Purchases of in-game assets and rewards.
  • Usage across various projects within the ScapesMania ecosystem.

$MANIA Tokenomics: Stability, Rewards, and Governance Insights

$MANIA tokenomics boast a well-balanced structure, featuring cliff and vesting mechanisms to promote stability by regulating token supply and demand. 

Furthermore, ScapesMania intends to introduce a staking program, offering additional tokens as incentives for locking in $MANIA. Notably, out of the 4 billion $MANIA tokens, a substantial 320 million (8%) are allocated for community rewards.

Source: ScapesMania’s Whitepaper

Next, it empowers members to vote on crucial ecosystem decisions through DAO. Moreover, ScapesMania continually enhances its native token’s utility, integrating it into additional projects.

The team has demonstrated prowess in audience outreach, evident in the $6M+ presale triumph

Lastly, the project’s smart contract has undergone a thorough audit by BlockSafu.

Source: The Official ScapesMania Telegram Community


As the casual gaming sector is projected to grow significantly, ScapesMania positions itself as a key player in this expanding market. The team is now focused on product development, with several key milestones ahead, including the alpha release of its pilot game.

Source: ScapesMania’s Whitepaper

How to Acquire $MANIA Tokens

For those interested in joining the ScapesMania community, $MANIA tokens can be purchased on PancakeSwap following these steps:

  1. The user should set up a compatible cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. Deposit USDT or WBNB into his wallet.
  3. Navigate to PancakeSwap and

connect the wallet.

4. User should select “Swap” from the “Trade” menu.

  1. The user should choose USDT or WBNB to exchange for $MANIA tokens.
  2. The last step confirm the transaction details and execute the swap.

A Unique Gaming Ecosystem

ScapesMania offers a distinctive blend of gaming and cryptocurrency, inviting players to enjoy immersive gameplay while providing an opportunity to invest in the ecosystem’s growth. This integration promises to leverage the potential of both worlds, setting a precedent for future developments in the casual gaming sector.

About ScapesMania

ScapesMania is a unique gaming ecosystem tailored for both casual players and crypto enthusiasts. Gamers can enjoy captivating gameplay without delving into while holders can benefit from the ecosystem’s performance.




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