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Sociogram Redefines SocialFi with Tokenized Social Profiles and Exclusive Perks

Sociogram, a pioneering SocialFi social media platform

Sociogram, a pioneering SocialFi social media platform, is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding Web3 social media landscape. Operating on the ERC-20 network, this Sociogram introduces groundbreaking ways for individuals to monetize their social media presence and interactions.

Understanding SocialFi

SocialFi is an innovative fusion of digital finance and social interaction, bridging the financial sector with the emerging Web3 environment. It empowers users to leverage their social capital and online presence for financial opportunities within the DeFi sector.

Sociogram: Pioneering the Future of Social Media

Sociogram SocialFi epitomizes the forefront of the Web3 social media revolution, introducing an innovative blend of social interaction and decentralized finance. It not only fosters connections among users but also provides them with a means to earn cryptocurrency through their online presence. Sociogram signifies a future where social media is not just about sharing but also about capitalizing on interactions and connections.

Sociogram’s advantages encompass:

ERC-20 Tokens for Social Profiles: Users have the liberty to mint tokens, which are both tradable and transferable, allowing them to earn 5% from every trade.

Exclusive Perks for Token Holders: Sociogram extends exclusive benefits to token holders, including access to special content, VIP chat rooms, and other perks akin to paid subscriptions.

Lifetime Referral System: Users can generate passive income through Sociogram’s 10% referral commission from trading fees.

Participate in the Sociogram Cryptodrop

Sociogram is currently hosting the $100,000 USDT SocialFi Launch event, offering users a golden opportunity to participate by completing simple tasks and sharing in the rewards.


Sociogram is a pioneering ERC20-based SocialFi social media platform that redefines social interactions by tokenizing social profiles. Users can mint their ERC-20 tokens, tradable, transferrable, and storable in Web3 wallets. With exclusive perks for token holders and a lifetime referral system, Sociogram transforms social media into a monetizable endeavor.

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