Crypto-verse is a highly volatile industry. Various altcoins face market ups and downs. Some are able to keep up with the investors’ expectations, while the hype around others dies down soon. Then, there are some crypto coins that attract the attention of investors right during the presale with their amazing returns. 

MoonBag crypto is one such example. It is currently one of the most popular meme coins on the crypto market. The hype around this monkey-themed coin is unreal. Investors have started staking their MBAG coins and are now eligible for as much as 88% APY. All this hype around MoonBag coins is affecting the sale of other coins like Floki Inu and BitBot.

BitBot May Not be the Best Option for Everyone 

BitBot recently completed its presale successfully. While the tech-enthusiasts in the crypto world may find it a great altcoin because of its integration with AI, it is not for everyone. The AI-based model is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when someone is more into reliable, and straightforward cryptocurrency models. 

Moreover, with only 3% dedicated to liquidity, investors are looking for more lucrative crypto options like MoonBag.  

Floki Inu Sees a Surge but Investors Still Skeptical 

Floki Inu, influenced by Elon Musk’s dog, is a popular dog-themed meme coin. It experienced a raise of over 750% in the last year alone. It seemed like Floki Inu would become one of the best cryptocurrencies of the highly volatile industry. FLOKI also saw a surge of 60% last month, showing a positive trajectory for the coin. 

However, there are numerous concerns about the transparency and security of the meme coin, leading to its slow adoption by investors. All these issues are making FLOKI investors impatient. Resultantly, many find MoonBag crypto as the best alternative. 

MoonBag Crypto – The Top Meme Coin Presale in 2024 Promises 88% APY 

The MoonBag presale is live and has been causing quite a stir in the crypto market. MBAG coins have already raised $2M, which shows a high investor interest in the meme coin. It also shows high future potential of the coin and of course, incredible returns. Each MoonBag coin is currently priced at 0.0002 USDT, which is a steal price for early investors. 

MoonBag crypto presale has reached its fifth stage, marking halfway of the crypto’s journey. What attracts investors the most about MoonBag coins is its 88% APY, which is massive considering what other meme coin presales are offering. These high staking rewards are a win-win for both the MoonBag coin community, as well as, the meme coin itself. This is why many investors are eyeing the MoonBag presale and investing large amounts in this stage. Staking has also begun, promising high rewards for investors. 

MoonBag Referral Program 

Get a chance to earn extra MoonBag coins and a lot of other exciting rewards by referring others to the MoonBag website. Share your referral code among your friends, family, and community and get a chance to win USDC 500. 

Buy Your MBAG Coins Now 

There is no time to waste now. You should consider investing in MBAG coins before it is too late. Top up your crypto wallet with your preferred cryptocurrency. Link it to the official MoonBag website and easily buy your MoonBag meme coins. 

Staking Is Now Live

MoonBag now offers a chance for early investors to stake their MBAG coins. Don’t miss out this chance and get a chance to earn high staking rewards. Start staking today, and get a chance to earn passive income.


The top meme coin in 2024, MoonBag crypto is all set to break records with its innovative features, strategic plans to inject liquidity, and of course, amazing returns on investment. Buy your MBAG coins for as low as 0.0002 USDT and become a part of the lunar journey. 

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