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TenUp introduces Ludo NFT — A vintage game with blockchain integration

TenUp introduces Ludo NFT — A vintage game with blockchain integration TenUp introduces Ludo NFT — A vintage game with blockchain integration

We are beyond excited about what TenUp Ludo NFT version 1.1 portends for the future of blockchain gaming. TenUp hopes to reach a larger audience and increase user impact by releasing version 1.1.

Playable at Ludo NFT right now is TenUp Ludo NFT version 1.1, a digital recreation of the layout and gameplay of the renowned arcade game. Each player must have 10 TenUp smart coins in their MetaMask wallet in order to participate with other players. TenUp smart coins must be given to the winner by the loser as compensation. This product includes cooperative gameplay for up to four opponents. The “yard” of each player begins with four pieces.

The first participant is chosen at random by the algorithm. Each player rolls the dice once. If they roll a six, they can utilize any piece from their yard. Additionally, it has a six-square movement capacity. The player’s piece is moved the corresponding number of spaces by any other throw. The turn is forfeited if there are no pieces on the track, and the dice are then passed clockwise. After rolling a six, players have another chance to try, and after rolling two sixes, they get a third chance.

The turn ends after the third roll by a player. A piece is grabbed and brought back to its owner’s yard when it enters an adversary’s square. A player’s pieces must all be in the middle in order to win. Some could continue to aim for the lowest rungs.

TenUp plans to release version 1.2 of its Ludo game by the end of 2022, following the successful completion of its first Ludo game. In addition, the company plans to implement nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as part of this endeavor. In accordance with the terms of this new upgrade, the player will be eligible to receive a prize consisting of an NFT from the TenUp NFT marketplace once they have achieved victory in 20 games.

The player can then use the NFT to stake on the company’s NFT marketplace, earning TenUp tokens in the process. By participating in the Ludo tournaments organized by the TenUp team, players will have the chance to compete for enormous bounties and added bonuses.

About TenUp

TenUp is a decentralized platform with the goal of developing Web3 decentralized applications. TenUp has already launched its staking platform and has created its own bridge in order to enhance its blockchain network. TenUp also launched its analyzer, where users can make wise choices and analyze how markets will react and earn from it. In addition, trading opportunities for TenUp can be found on platforms such as OKX, Bitget, StakeCube, Uniswap, Stex, PancakeSwap and others. Game:

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