MoonBag presale has stolen the limelight in the crypto show ever since the advent of its stage 1. Currently at stage 6, offered at 0.0003$, MoonBag crypto has already surpassed the $2M milestone, and the enthusiasts are vying to have MBAG coins in their digital wallets for ethereal returns. Did you get the stardust yet?

Avalanche has snowballed into almost a stage of stagnation where high growth curves are nowhere to be found. There might be occasional hikes in the potential, but they will soon die down. Alongside, Dogecoin, the famous meme coin, is struggling to find an angle with investors besides humour. Whales are after true and pragmatic gains with tangible profits. Meme coins like Dogecoin are all fun and games until the returns are considered. There, they stand on shaky ground. MoonBag coin, unlike both of them, has a unique proposition, brimming with value for investors. Let’s find out the hype behind the new titan in the crypto-sphere.

Avalanche Rolls Way Down the Hill

Avalanche has been one of the top performers among the DeFi projects. Its price has seen a sizeable hike of over 150% since last year. Will this bullish trend continue or has Avalanche peaked already?

Avalanche has extended its reach towards financial institutions as the Misyon Bank launched its new tokenisation platform. The project will kick off with tokenised Turkish Eurobonds for individual traders. Also, the platform’s eight Web3 apps have been integrated well with Stripe in 2024. The app builders can have a widget on their interface to convert flat to crypto by utilising Stripe’s platform, solving the ‘cold start’ problem for new investors. However, these developments appear as meek attempts to stay relevant in the chaotic crypto world. 

Is There More to Dogecoin than Memes?

Dogecoin’s instant popularity is attributed to its foundation in memes. People were familiar with the dog and they adored it. This is why they jumped at the thought of a meme coin, based on their favourite character, hitting the market. 

Dogecoin started as a meme on Shiba Inu dog with humour as the only intention. Unexpectedly, people were drawn to its idea and it became popular. The coin did not have its value or functionality so the netizens started using it as a digital tipping currency on avenues like Reddit and for philanthropic means. MoonBag has rewritten the course of history by offering more than what ordinary meme coins like Dogecoin could provide. People are now leaving the adorable dog for the funky monkey!

MoonBag Presale Raises More Than $2M

Giant whales of the crypto sea are siding with MoonBag’s high tidal waves and securing heavy returns already. There is a 15000% ROI potential with MBAG coins and if you have held the MoonBag coin from the fueling stage, it promises a staggering 9900% in the launching stage! 

The numbers are swoon-worthy enough to sweep the whales off their fins! The coin with one of the best meme coin presales also takes care of the community by providing a lucrative referral program. You can share your referral code with friends and family so they receive an extra 10% on the coins with their purchase. Simultaneously, you get rewarded with monthly cash-backs!


Avalanche has hit a tight spot with no exceptional hikes in its growth. Dogecoin is a meaningless humorous coin with no real returns tethered to it. Whales are after cryptocurrencies that show true promise with real gains and stable growth. This is why MoonBag is their top choice. Its meme coin presale is going hot and heavy, join now to write your name in gold!

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