London, United Kingdom, November 8th, 2023

The UK shone bright at Solana’s Hyperdrive Hackathon after winners were announced on Friday 3rd November at their Annual Conference, Breakpoint. Supported by Superteam, UK entrants won in 6 of the 7 tracks, with a UK team being crowned as the Grand Champions!

SuperteamUK is a collective of supercharged developers, shining creatives, and master operators based in the UK, with a wealth of hands-on experience in launching and scaling web3, crypto, and other technology-enabled businesses. As a sub-sect of the global Superteam co-operative, SuperteamUK has supported the UK’s Solana ecosystem builders to develop their projects, drive growth and achieve success.

The Superteam ecosystem has been laser-focused on Solana’s Hyperdrive Hackathon over the last few months; a Global competition for Solana’s network of builders, creators and leaders to build a team and create their project around a specific category (or Track), ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Physical Infrastructure Networks. The Hyperdrive Hackathon had a total prize pool of over $1m across the 7 tracks, alongside significant additional support and benefits for winning projects.

As a support network, SuperteamUK has focused on 5 key value propositions to build an engaged community and help them achieve their goals of becoming successful projects in the Solana ecosystem;

  • Talent & Build Support
  • Distribution & Marketing
  • Funding
  • Partnerships
  • Events

Stephen ‘Cap’ Newnham, the UK lead at Solana, was instrumental in the roll-out of SuperteamUK, creating and launching the brand in June 2023 with the support of Flight3 (a full stack marketing & communications agency specialising in Web3 businesses) and building one of the strongest local Solana communities of any Superteam.

Newnham had this to say about the monumental achievements: “This result is the representation of over 1,000 hours of building from each team. Winners or not, we are beyond proud of the sheer hard work and determination of all the UK teams during Hyperdrive! It’s been an absolute joy to meet and work with a group of such talented and driven web3 entrepreneurs, and Hyperdrive is just the first step in realising the true potential of this incredible community.”

The winners were announced at Solana’s flagship annual event, Breakpoint, in Amsterdam on the 3rd of November to a packed main stage and rapturous applause. With more than 7,000 participants and over 900 project submissions from 25 countries, the competition was incredibly tough, and winning entries demonstrated excellence in all areas of judging.

The full list of UK Winners against specific Hyperdrive Tracks is below;

SuperteamUK and the community of UK builders are ready to take the success of Hyperdrive into the next phase of their journey and continue to add value to the Solana ecosystem, with a powerhouse network of talented developers, innovative thinkers, and passionate creators dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

Visit SuperteamUK’s Twitter, join their Discord and check out their Substack for more news on what’s coming next.

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About SuperteamUK

SuperteamUK is a co-operative of creatives, developers, and operators who are experienced in launching and growing technology businesses based in the UK.

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