Do you wonder about how lucky are those people who believed in Bitcoin from the start when everyone else was discounting it? Do you envy those who invested in cryptocurrency when it was relatively unknown and made millions out of it?

Luckily for you, with the advent of presales, you too can get this chance. Yes, you too can invest in a coin before it gets listed and bask in the glory of benefits.

Forget coins like BitBot (BITBOT) and VeChain (VET) because if you’re looking to make good money while investing in an innovative coin, there is only one entity that you need to focus on – the MoonBag (MBAG) meme coin. An adorable monkey mascot, an 88% APY, and a rock-solid liquidity management strategy have made it one of the fastest-growing coins of the year. 

VeChain’s foray into the world of NFTs      

VeChain recently added a new feather to its cap with its entry into the world of NFTs. In other news, it also progressed to Phase 3 of its partnership with Boston Consulting Group. Despite all these new developments, the price of VET is in a descending triangle. The culprits for this downtrend could be anything from the closed environment of the coin to its inability to connect with other Blockchain platforms. 

Another reason for the decline could be attributed to the performance of coins like MoonBag which are scooping away all the investments from all other coins. Seeing how well MoonBag is performing after having raised over $2.2M, it’s no wonder that no one wants to invest in any other coin. 

BitBot doesn’t live up to its hype 

If you’ve been scrolling the news recently, you might have seen a lot of hype surrounding the Telegram trading bot sensation BitBot. It uses the Telegram interface to provide instructional grade tools integrated within the same interface. A delight for both seasoned and new investors, BitBot is a very effective tool. All of this led to the coin having a decent turn out for its presale but now that the presale has concluded, doubts have begun to rise about the coin’s performance. Coupling those doubts with the far more superior MoonBag presale, investors are switching sides to invest in MoonBag. 

Top crypto presale offers you an 88% APY on staking

One of the most incredible features of MoonBag is the coin’s staking mechanism. Offering an APY that is incredible and can’t be found on any other coin, MoonBag is impressing investors with its well-thought-out strategy. By locking up their investments during the entirety of the presale, investors can grow their holdings significantly. With such an awesome staking reward and a community-centric approach that comes with some excellent perks, there is no surprise as to why MoonBag is the top crypto presale of the year. 

If you’re worried about the coin being impacted by market forces, the coin has got that covered too. The project has ample liquidity totalling $3.5M which has been divided into six parts with $1M being assigned to the project at the start of the presale. The remaining has been divided into $500K each that will be used to implement a buyback and burn strategy. 

Participate in the MoonBag referral program    

With MoonBag you not only get to earn money with your investment but you are also rewarded for passing the word along about how beneficial MoonBag is. The MoonBag referral program allows people to get 10% extra coins on their purchases if they sign up using your referral code. To reward you for bringing a new member into the MoonBag community, you get to enter the leaderboard where emerging at the top will give you exciting prizes. So why wait anymore? Invest in MoonBag crypto now. 

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