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Top Crypto Presale MoonBag Splashes with 20% Liquidity as Uncertainty Haunts Near Protocol and ChainGPT

Top Crypto Presale MoonBag Splashes with 20% Liquidity as Uncertainty Haunts Near Protocol and ChainGPT

Crypto investors are always on a look-out for best crypto presales because they know missing one can cost them a future. Blockchain projects that offer a strong liquidity strategy, high-yielding staking, and an exclusive community are on all crypto aficionados’ radar. FOMO is at an all time high with cryptoverse rolling out new coins every day. Will you be able to pick the right one for you?

The MoonBag (MBAG) presale has all the ingredients to make it the top crypto presale. It offers an impressive liquidity of 20% on presale funds, generating a continuous supply of coins that lays a secure foundation for trading. When you enter the MoonBag presale, you set yourself up for a massive 15000% ROI and an 88% APY. Furthermore, MoonBag’s zero-tax policy warrants smooth, worry-free trading. In addition to that, MoonBag offers Ethereum’s interoperability, seamless engagement with other projects, and rock-solid security features that make its network an impenetrable fortress. 

MoonBag’s revolutionary traits set it apart from its competitors. Let’s analyse how Near Protocol (NEAR) and Render (RNDR) measure up to MoonBag crypto.

Near Protocol: A Blockchain Project Leaning Towards Centralisation

Near Protocol (NEAR) was launched in 2020. It provides a highly-scalable blockchain network that provides a developer-friendly platform. This coin possesses a relatively higher degree of centralisation, which is its most troublesome vulnerability. 

This means Near Protocol is more prone to hacking and security lapses, and censorship as all your currencies are controlled and withheld by a single company. Investors choose crypto majorly because it’s a decentralised platform for transactions. A blockchain leaning towards centralisation is the last thing they would want to invest in.

ChainGPT Risks Potential Security Threats

Launched in 2023, ChainGPT (CGPT) is a blockchain powered AI product suite. It uses blockchain for various AI-centered solutions such as smart contract generators, chatbots, and NFTs. It uses third-party data sources and APIs for its AI model, which may give rise to data breaches, inaccuracies, and manipulation. 

It can also encounter bugs in its AI solutions that can put valuable data in jeopardy, compromising its functionality and security. Due to these reasons. The coin is seeing a downward pressure as investors look for more secure models for transactions.

MoonBag Presale: Your Soft Landing on 

As MoonBag presale boasts a full-house at Stage 3, investors continue to flock in because of its trailblazing allocation, distribution, and utility. Early birds from the fueling stage are projected to get 400% returns on their investment as MoonBag crosses $700,000.

Owing to its cute monkey magic, MoonBag crypto aims at creating a community that not only generates profits, but also creates a sustainable and thriving economy. Every facet of MoonBag’s strategy including ROI, liquidity, scalability, and staking is carefully crafted to help the investors flourish.


As Near Protocol (NEAR) grapples with stunted growth and Chain GPT (CGPT) deals with a downward pressure due to potential security threat, MoonBag crypto rises as a coin that gives its users an unmatched stability. Unlike any other meme coin on the market, MoonBag coin is a highly secure crypto that offers cutting-edge features and trading options. You get the active ecosystem of a meme coin with the network security of an alt coin. Join the MoonBag presale today and avail your chance to build a cosmic empire on lunar topography.

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