As the MoonBag (MBAG) meme coin hits the crypto market, crypto enthusiasts have grown excited over the monkey-themed coin’s performance. MoonBag crypto offers more than other coins on the market, with presale rewards and offers you won’t find anywhere else. The meme coin presale – undoubtedly cementing its name on the list of best meme coin presales – offers a phenomenal 88% APY on staking with MBAG during presale. An offer you can’t refuse! 

With potential declines ahead, how are the other coins keeping up as MoonBag dominates the meme coin market? 

Chainlink In Trouble: Coin Headed for 30% Drop by Year-end? 

Chainlink is a decentralised Oracle blockchain network built by Ethereum. As crypto experts cast their predictions for coin performances for the rest of the year, Chainlink has gotten the unfortunate luck of making headlines for a forecasted 30% drop by year-end. 

This would be additional to the earlier decline experienced by Chainlink from the previous year. Despite the coin rising by 4% recently, Chainlink must make significant progress if it hopes to be a serious contender in the crypto game.

Bitbot Losing Investors As Performance Stays Stagnant

Bitbot came into the crypto game as a non-custodial Telegram trading bot intended to even the financial playing field. Users have found that the trading landscape has become too complicated to navigate as the coin operates solely within Telegram. Despite the Telegram interface allowing for more accessible trading, users remain unimpressed. Having just finished the 15th stage of its presale, Bitbot raised upto $4.3M, a decent amount considering its Telegram-based interface. However, the coin may have to develop more interesting offers or utilities if it hopes to keep investors interested. 

MoonBag Crypto Secures Position of Best Meme Coin Presale

The MoonBag presale has put a lot of attention on the meme coin. The meme coin presale offers 88% APY with MoonBag staking, 9900% ROI, and a robust amount of liquidity divided into manageable portions during presale. After the liquidity provision, MoonBag’s buy-back and burn strategy will kick in and is set to boost the coin’s value over the following 3-6 months. At a current buying rate of $0.0003 for presale, you shouldn’t refuse this offer; as mentioned earlier, industry analysts predict the coin to rise even more by year-end. 

Don’t miss your chance to begin staking in MoonBag presale and availing of other fantastic opportunities. Learn how to buy MoonBag crypto today!

Reap the benefits – Buy MoonBag Crypto today!

All you need to do to buy MoonBag coins is create an account and link your digital wallet. This enables you to receive a referral code that you may share with other crypto lovers to earn them 10% extra in MBAG coins. By doing this, you also get a chance to earn weekly rewards!

Buying crypto has never been simpler with MoonBag’s two-step process. Register your crypto wallet, add some of your preferred currency like ETH or BNB and you’re ready to start buying MBAG coins!

Looking ahead

MoonBag crypto is turning heads with the offers of its presale. The meme coin is becoming one of the top coins in the market, already halfway close to raising what Bitbot did in 15 presale stages in just 6 stages! As Chainlink sees major declines and Bitbot loses investor attention, consider MoonBag as the way to secure your investment. Don’t wait for the presale to end – earn more with MoonBag and invest in the MBAG meme coin presale today! 

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