BlackRock is now the largest public holder of Bitcoin with holdings surpassing 316,000 BTC

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The largest asset manager in the world, BlackRock, has announced a great performance in the second quarter, with assets under management (AUM) growing to an astounding $10.6 trillion according to the company’s report. As compared to the previous year, this is an almost 13% jump. In addition, earnings per share (EPS) increased over this period, going from $9.06 to $9.99, while revenue increased by 8% to reach $4.8 billion. Exchange-traded

Demand for Tokenized US Treasuries Soars as BlackRock, Franklin Templeton Invest

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The market for tokenized US treasuries has experienced a growth of more than 1,000% as a result of elevated interest rates and a significant increase in demand for secure, high-yielding assets that are recorded on a blockchain. By June, the market has achieved a valuation of $1.64 billion, with BlackRock‘s BUIDL fund surpassing Franklin Templeton’s BENJI. The increase in numbers demonstrates the increasing acceptance and utilization of real-world asset (RWA)

Jiritsu Revolutionizes Real-World Asset Transparency and Verification, Integrates with BlackRock’s RWA Ecosystem

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New York, NY, June 6th, 2024 Jiritsu, a pioneering layer one blockchain platform with a native ZKMPC oracle, is launching its integration with the BlackRock ecosystem to increase real-world asset (RWA) transparency and verification. Jiritsu extends the concept of proof of reserves to include the precise value backing any RWA, setting a new standard in the industry.  BlackRock, a global leader in asset management, has made groundbreaking strides in the

BlackRock updates its Ethereum ETF filing

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BlackRock has revised its S-1 application for a planned Ether (ETH) exchange-traded fund (ETF), generating positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. Eric Balchunas, an analyst at Bloomberg, suggests a launch before the end of June. The revised S-1 document revealed that a Seed Capital Investor acquired 400,000 shares of the proposed ETF, resulting in a net asset value of $10 million for the Trust. The ETF, traded with the ticker

BlackRock Flips Grayscale: Becomes World’s Largest Institutional Holder of Bitcoin

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BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has surpassed Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) in its Bitcoin holdings. BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), a spot Bitcoin ETF launched just three months ago, has accumulated over 288,670 Bitcoins, according to on-chain data. This outpaces GBTC’s holdings, which currently sit at around 287,450 Bitcoins. Rapid Growth for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF The rapid growth of IBIT has surprised many analysts. Launched in March 2024, the

BlackRock’s IBIT ETF draws $73.4M as Bitcoin market faces downturn and outflows

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On April 15, BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) saw substantial inflows of $73.4 million, whilst Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) encountered notable withdrawals, leading to a net outflow of $110 million from worldwide Bitcoin investment products. Market volatility has been influenced by geopolitical concerns and the impending Bitcoin halving. The conditional licensing of spot crypto ETFs in Hong Kong has the potential to attract some $25 billion from mainland Chinese investors,

BlackRock’s BUIDL fund now offers conversions to USDC stablecoin, enhancing market liquidity

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BlackRock has implemented a novel addition to its BUIDL fund, enabling investors to change their shares into the USDC stablecoin. This enhancement boosts liquidity by utilizing Ethereum’s smart contract technology. This new measure seeks to enhance the efficiency of secondary market transactions. The BUIDL fund offers investors the opportunity to generate profits in U.S. dollars through investments in secure assets such as U.S. Treasury Bills. These assets are represented as

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink sees a promising future for Bitcoin, driving investor interest

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Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, has voiced his belief in Bitcoin, a digital currency that has attracted the market’s attention owing to its transparency and substantial investor interest. This positive outlook arises from Bitcoin’s significant expansion and increased use in the financial industry. Fink’s views have great importance as they exemplify a transition towards accepting crypto in the realm of conventional finance. The unexpected increase in Bitcoin, especially among

IBIT and FBTC Bitcoin ETFs become top picks at BlackRock and Fidelity in record time

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BlackRock and Fidelity Investments have reached a significant achievement with their Bitcoin ETFs, IBIT and FBTC, becoming the leading options in their investment portfolio in less than 50 days. Despite overseeing a diverse portfolio of 420 ETFs, IBIT was responsible for more than 50% of BlackRock’s yearly net inflows. In the same way, FBTC had the highest amount of money coming into Fidelity, garnering five times more capital than any

BlackRock favors Bitcoin over Ethereum, with limited client interest in other cryptos, says executive

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BlackRock, a leading investment firm, has shown moderate interest in Ethereum from its clients, with Bitcoin being the predominant preference. The firm’s head of digital assets, Robert Mitchnick, stated that interest in other crypto is notably lower. Mitchnick also addressed rumors about BlackRock launching an ETF for the memecoin dogwifhat (WIF), admitting he was unfamiliar with the coin. The recent launch of the Bitcoin Bitcoin Fund (IBIT) marked a significant

BlackRock to offer a $100K minimum tokenized fund

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BlackRock, the world’s top asset manager, has announced plans to launch a tokenized investment fund in collaboration with Securitize, a financial services firm. The USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund, which requires a minimum investment of $100,000 from external investors, has been submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, the fund will be managed by Securitize Markets, a Miami-based platform for digital assets. Besides, a token representing the

Bitcoin ETFs surge to a record $7.7B in trading, doubling previous highs

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Bitcoin ETFs in the US have set a new trading volume record of over $7.7 billion on February 28, surpassing the previous record of over $4.65 billion set on their launch day. The ETF that contributed the most is BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT). The ETF contributed 43.5% of the day’s total with $3.35 billion in trades, nearly matched the aggregate trading volume of all ten ETFs from the day