BNB Chain Proposes Governance-Enabled Block Production to Boost Transaction Capacity

1 min read

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, has proposed BEP-341: Governance-Enabled Consecutive Block Production to improve the transaction processing capacity of BNB Smart Chain (BSC). The proposal aims to enable validators to produce consecutive blocks, optimizing transaction throughput and block production efficiency. However, BEP-341 introduces adjustable governance parameters to balance performance improvements with security measures. Key features include adjusting the number of consecutive blocks each validator can produce in

BNB Chain Experiences Exponential Growth, Setting New Records in Daily Active Users (DAU) and Total Value Locked (TVL)

3 mins read

DAU, UAE, January 11th, 2024 Throughout December 2023, BNB Chain’s L1 BNB Smart Chain (BSC), achieved a milestone with a daily DAU of nearly 1.2 million, representing a 22% increase in growth and its highest monthly average. Simultaneously, BNB Chain’s L2 opBNB experienced a tripling of its daily active users (DAU), reaching almost 260,000 users in December.  Throughout Q4 2023, BSC and opBNB emerged as two of the top three

Over $572 million worth of $BNB was recently hacked from BNB Chain

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According to a blockchain developer, the attack may have been “either the first or second greatest hack of all time.” Today, the Binance blockchain, also known as the BNB Chain and the Binance Smart Chain, was shut down after a rise in “irregular activity” revealed a potential network vulnerability. At 2:19 AM Dubai time, BNB Chain tweeted the initial notification that the BSC network would be temporarily suspended. Peckshield Inc.,